The Best Gun and Rifle Cases for Women

Gun and Rifle Cases, Bags, Totes, Satchels, Carry-alls: All synonyms for the same thing. It’s the material, whether fabric (usually polyester), or molded plastic (usually referred to as a case), or wood, and the quality of construction, that’s important.

Fabric quality and weight is gauged on its strength in terms of deniers. A denier is used as the measure of density of weave, and without getting too literal, the higher the number of deniers the coarser (heavier) the fabric will be.

It stands to reason that if you’re looking for a container that won’t give in to pressure you’ll want a molded plastic, and back in the days before heavy plastics, you would look for something in a hard wood, generally considered to be an antique now. 

From a woman’s perspective I look for something pretty, lightweight – but rugged, and well-constructed.

KNJ Pistol Case
So, a 600×600 denier fabric (like this cute little KNJ Gun Gag) is a softer, but not too soft, choice for your smaller firearms to carry to the gun range. It’s nicely padded inside with a brushed polyester liner, and the stitching and seams use a sturdy thread with a nice tight stitch-width. It’s zippered all around, allowing it to open flat for easy access. I like to keep my loose ammo on the liner for quick re-loading, and the soft padding keeps them from rolling off the bench. (I use the sturdy outside D-ring to clip my keys to the case so I don’t have to carry ‘em.)

KNJ Scope Rifle Case with Pocket
What woman wouldn’t love the zebra print 600 denier fabric of these KNJ Scoped Rifle Cases? If you’re not into zebra print, they come in leopard (pink, purple and regular), too. No worries about the construction with the heady duty thread, the heavy seam binding on all the outside seams, and the heavy duty hardware. Well-made pockets galore keep a cell phone, picture i.d., keys and Chap Stick safe and secure when we’re at the outdoor range.

Charter Arms Chic Lady .38 Case
When I bought my Charter Arms Chic Lady 38 special revolver for Concealed Carry it came in this sweet little case! I love the pink ‘gator look, but the construction is top-notch, too. Hinges, handle, snap closure, feet, it’s all there. And the heavy, but resilient, foam inside holds the firearm securely in place, and reshapes itself to fit a box of ammo, too.

Bow and Arrow Cases… Anyone?
Okay, I know this Blog is about Gun and Rifle Cases, but I also love to shoot bow and arrow, but I don’t have a pretty bow case, and there aren’t any out there from what I can find. I’ve found camo with a bit of pink trim or pink wording, but I’m imagining big, bold and burly in Purple Leopard! I’m pretty handy with a sewing machine, so maybe I’ll make them myself!! What do ­YOU think?


For the love of BLING!! My Favorite Bling Jewelry, Clothing, Purses and More

Oh, Ladies, I am like a Magpie when it comes to bling-y things! I like ‘em colored, sparkly, noisy, big, little, discreet and in-your-face. I like ‘em weird, different, never ho-hum or mundane. Bling ‘em on!



Jewelry was my first adventure into bling, way before bling was cool. Sometimes I wondered if the ladies at church thought I was too showy. (Turns out NOT! They’re okay if you do your own thing.) My favorite has got to be the Lizzy J’s Acid Splashed Cuffs with Shotshell and Swarovski Crystals! I Love them with everything! I wear just the gold, the silver alone, or together. They snap together for a choker, and, of course, there’s matching rings, necklaces and bracelets to further feed the frenzy!

Concealed Carry Purses – with bling!
You should have been there when these were discovered by Smitty’s Girls!! Every sparkly bit was ooh’ed and aah’ed over, then we realized all the colors they come in!  The Montana West Concealed Carry Purses are built sturdy, and our favorite CCW fits safely tucked away inside. Roomy on the inside with lots of pockets for phone, pictures, wallet, makeup, etc. Gorgeous!

Bling hosiery and tights

I have to admit I’m feeling a bit too (ahem) mature to wear these on a regular basis, but I WILL wear a pair of these fabulous hose if I ever have the appropriate place to wear them. Like a cruise, a night of ballroom dancing, a fancy Broadway play, etc.  (Are you listening Honey?) They also come in different colors! Aren’t they gorgeous?  Her legs aren’t bad either – just sayin’.

Bling Belts!
My latest discovery: Montana West has come out with these beautiful belts in every color and with every motif imaginable. The one I’m wearing today is the one pictured in red leather with hearts and crosses, and rhinestones and studs. They’re really heavy duty, made sturdy, and available in camouflage, too! Great with jeans, on a little black dress, over a bulky sweater with skinny jeans, wherever your imagination takes you!

Food, Water, Shelter and More – The Best Survival Equipment Out There

Survival, Prepper, Emergency, Disaster, Doomsday, doesn’t matter how you refer to it, it’s a fact of life in today’s society. Everyone should be ready for the day when you’ll need special foods and supplies to get through hard times. Even if you’re not concerned about the “what ifs” that life throws your way there’s a lot of cool stuff out there to make camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, hunting, fishing (you get my drift) easier and more relaxing. I’m gonna approach the subject as most survivalists would: from the standpoint of the four most important items, and then I’ll add one (maybe two) more.


The Sawyer Complete 2 Liter water Treatment System. In 1 ½ minutes this filter system will supply 2 full liters of pure, clean water for my whole family! From any fresh water source; whether it’s a mud puddle, a nearby creek or river, rain water collected in a bucket, swimming pool, whatever! Absolute must-have!

Now, I would always rather have fresh food, if available. Fresh meat, veggies and fruit are just better for you and better tasting.  But sometimes it’s just not possible to come by.  I have stocked my pantry with the Wise Freeze-dried and Dehydrated Foods. It’s quite amazing how the dehydrated veggies and fruits rehydrate, making them smell, taste and cook like fresh-picked from the vine. The Freeze-Dried Meats and prepackaged foods cook up like something your Mom made! Sometimes I use them when I’m experiencing a time crunch, and just need to get some good, nutritious food on the table – fast! And of course, the 25-year shelf life ensures they’ll keep for a long time.


The Slumberjack Grand Lodge 12 made by Swiss Gear! I just love this awesome tent. I have a large family, and I love big spaces. This thing sleeps twelve, and a divider to provide a second space for hangin’ out. Not too pricey, super durable, set-up seems fast and easy, and won’t take up too much space when stashed away.

We all know that sometimes a fire is an absolute necessity! On cold days for warming up, on wet days for drying off, when you’re hungry and need to cook fresh foods, or boiling water if you don’t have a good water treatment system. But I don’t have to carry matches or lighter! I rely on the Wise Fire Starter. This stuff is amazing!!  It’s wind and water-resistant, the flame lasts for 15-20 MINUTES, and 1 cup boils 4 cups of water! It has a 25-year shelf life, so no worries about it, just store it and use it!

How many of us have tried to survive without enough sleep? I can’t get past 29 hours! My pick for the best sleeping arrangements in a pinch is the North Face Superlight sleeping bag in Island Grass Green. I love the color and functionality of this bag.  Sleep on top for soft cushiony comfort on a warm night or snuggled down inside on a frigid night! Perfect! A bit pricey, but well worth it!

One final recommendation: A weather radio!  My pick is the Kaito Voyager.  The Solar, Crank or Battery-powered options on this AM/FM Shortwave radio make it convenient wherever and whenever you need it.  It’s water-resistant, and you can charge your cell phone, i-Pod, any USB electronic device with it! No one should go camping, hiking, fishing, 4-wheeling, hunting, you name it, without this gem in their gear! Best buy you could make for your next trip!

Ooooooh, Camo!! The Top Five Mossy Oak Products Out There

If you love being outside, whether you’re playing, working, hunting, relaxing, gardening, hiking, camping, whatever you do outside, you’re drawn to the beauty of God’s handiwork.  And is there a more descriptive picture for outside than trees and leaves?   I’m talking about Mossy Oak, of course.   It speaks of cool shade, healthy growth, summer vacations and good times to me.  And lately I’ve been drawn to the pink or pink-trimmed stuff.

Pink Camo Jeep

My dream of owning a jeep just jumped about 3 notches on my Priorities List with the Pink Mossy Oak Jeep I just posted on Facebook. That’s sweet!

Camo Pink-Belted Swim Skort
I have a Mossy Oak Breakup Swim Skort from Wilderness Dreams that I wear for anything and everything!  Super versatile, I wear it for tennis, swimming, shopping, even just hangin’ around the house on a hot day.

Pink Trimmed Seat Covers

My new SUV is sporting the Mossy Oak Break-up pink trimmed Seat Covers and I’ve already got my eye on the matching floor mats, too.  Hmmm, they’d look really cool in my Pink Jeep, too.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Capris

When it’s just a little too cool for my swim skort I reach for my Mossy Oak Breakup Capri’s (also from Wilderness Dreams).  If you haven’t tried these yet, they’re great!  They’re soft and comfy, and have an adjustable drawstring  for those days when nothing else seems to fit.

Mossy Oak Camo w/ Pink Trim Backpack

I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention my offspring’s offspring, and my favorite gift for the Grandkids.  You just can’t go wrong when you give them a Mossy Oak backpack!  The guys get the Mossy Oak with green trim and the girls get the one with the pink trim.  They love ‘em for travel, school, hiking, whatever!  And they come with a hydration tube for their water bottles to keep the liquids easy to get to.  (Really handy for airport, hiking, camping, biking…..well, everything!

Go to to view some of the best Mossy Oak products for the best prices out there – So much camo, so little time!

Outdoors Paradise

Outdoors Paradise

If I could live anywhere it’d be this outdoors paradise. Surrounded by the trees and water, I wouldn’t need to hear the city sounds, car horns and see the lights.

Take a canoe out for some fishing.

Go for a run through the woods.

Relax on the porch with a good book in hand.

This dream is still alive.