Food, Water, Shelter and More – The Best Survival Equipment Out There

Survival, Prepper, Emergency, Disaster, Doomsday, doesn’t matter how you refer to it, it’s a fact of life in today’s society. Everyone should be ready for the day when you’ll need special foods and supplies to get through hard times. Even if you’re not concerned about the “what ifs” that life throws your way there’s a lot of cool stuff out there to make camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, hunting, fishing (you get my drift) easier and more relaxing. I’m gonna approach the subject as most survivalists would: from the standpoint of the four most important items, and then I’ll add one (maybe two) more.


The Sawyer Complete 2 Liter water Treatment System. In 1 ½ minutes this filter system will supply 2 full liters of pure, clean water for my whole family! From any fresh water source; whether it’s a mud puddle, a nearby creek or river, rain water collected in a bucket, swimming pool, whatever! Absolute must-have!

Now, I would always rather have fresh food, if available. Fresh meat, veggies and fruit are just better for you and better tasting.  But sometimes it’s just not possible to come by.  I have stocked my pantry with the Wise Freeze-dried and Dehydrated Foods. It’s quite amazing how the dehydrated veggies and fruits rehydrate, making them smell, taste and cook like fresh-picked from the vine. The Freeze-Dried Meats and prepackaged foods cook up like something your Mom made! Sometimes I use them when I’m experiencing a time crunch, and just need to get some good, nutritious food on the table – fast! And of course, the 25-year shelf life ensures they’ll keep for a long time.


The Slumberjack Grand Lodge 12 made by Swiss Gear! I just love this awesome tent. I have a large family, and I love big spaces. This thing sleeps twelve, and a divider to provide a second space for hangin’ out. Not too pricey, super durable, set-up seems fast and easy, and won’t take up too much space when stashed away.

We all know that sometimes a fire is an absolute necessity! On cold days for warming up, on wet days for drying off, when you’re hungry and need to cook fresh foods, or boiling water if you don’t have a good water treatment system. But I don’t have to carry matches or lighter! I rely on the Wise Fire Starter. This stuff is amazing!!  It’s wind and water-resistant, the flame lasts for 15-20 MINUTES, and 1 cup boils 4 cups of water! It has a 25-year shelf life, so no worries about it, just store it and use it!

How many of us have tried to survive without enough sleep? I can’t get past 29 hours! My pick for the best sleeping arrangements in a pinch is the North Face Superlight sleeping bag in Island Grass Green. I love the color and functionality of this bag.  Sleep on top for soft cushiony comfort on a warm night or snuggled down inside on a frigid night! Perfect! A bit pricey, but well worth it!

One final recommendation: A weather radio!  My pick is the Kaito Voyager.  The Solar, Crank or Battery-powered options on this AM/FM Shortwave radio make it convenient wherever and whenever you need it.  It’s water-resistant, and you can charge your cell phone, i-Pod, any USB electronic device with it! No one should go camping, hiking, fishing, 4-wheeling, hunting, you name it, without this gem in their gear! Best buy you could make for your next trip!


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