The Best Gun and Rifle Cases for Women

Gun and Rifle Cases, Bags, Totes, Satchels, Carry-alls: All synonyms for the same thing. It’s the material, whether fabric (usually polyester), or molded plastic (usually referred to as a case), or wood, and the quality of construction, that’s important.

Fabric quality and weight is gauged on its strength in terms of deniers. A denier is used as the measure of density of weave, and without getting too literal, the higher the number of deniers the coarser (heavier) the fabric will be.

It stands to reason that if you’re looking for a container that won’t give in to pressure you’ll want a molded plastic, and back in the days before heavy plastics, you would look for something in a hard wood, generally considered to be an antique now. 

From a woman’s perspective I look for something pretty, lightweight – but rugged, and well-constructed.

KNJ Pistol Case
So, a 600×600 denier fabric (like this cute little KNJ Gun Gag) is a softer, but not too soft, choice for your smaller firearms to carry to the gun range. It’s nicely padded inside with a brushed polyester liner, and the stitching and seams use a sturdy thread with a nice tight stitch-width. It’s zippered all around, allowing it to open flat for easy access. I like to keep my loose ammo on the liner for quick re-loading, and the soft padding keeps them from rolling off the bench. (I use the sturdy outside D-ring to clip my keys to the case so I don’t have to carry ‘em.)

KNJ Scope Rifle Case with Pocket
What woman wouldn’t love the zebra print 600 denier fabric of these KNJ Scoped Rifle Cases? If you’re not into zebra print, they come in leopard (pink, purple and regular), too. No worries about the construction with the heady duty thread, the heavy seam binding on all the outside seams, and the heavy duty hardware. Well-made pockets galore keep a cell phone, picture i.d., keys and Chap Stick safe and secure when we’re at the outdoor range.

Charter Arms Chic Lady .38 Case
When I bought my Charter Arms Chic Lady 38 special revolver for Concealed Carry it came in this sweet little case! I love the pink ‘gator look, but the construction is top-notch, too. Hinges, handle, snap closure, feet, it’s all there. And the heavy, but resilient, foam inside holds the firearm securely in place, and reshapes itself to fit a box of ammo, too.

Bow and Arrow Cases… Anyone?
Okay, I know this Blog is about Gun and Rifle Cases, but I also love to shoot bow and arrow, but I don’t have a pretty bow case, and there aren’t any out there from what I can find. I’ve found camo with a bit of pink trim or pink wording, but I’m imagining big, bold and burly in Purple Leopard! I’m pretty handy with a sewing machine, so maybe I’ll make them myself!! What do ­YOU think?


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