The Best Jewelry for Female Outdoor Enthusiasts

This is going to be difficult because:

  1. I love jewelry!
  2. I love the outdoors!
  3. I love being a girly-girl and being an outdoor enthusiast at the same time!

Leaves, trees, growing things, animals, feathers and leaves, gold, silver, stones .  I’ll just start listing them, the price range, and why I like them.

Lizzy J’s Acid-Splashed or Colored Calf Hide, $10-$100, Made from spent Shotgun shell brass  and leather. No two alike.

Safari Gold, $20 – $1000, Made with gems, gold, elephant hair, etc. You can design your own with whatever items are listed.

Anjelicia’s Feather-Fur-Leather Cuff Bracelet
, $20, Made with brass, feathers and fur. Funky, unique and fun.

Jectz Bullet Jewelry, $15-$100, Made with brass, shotgun shell components, and a neat story behind each one.

A Recurring Nightmare and Why I Carry a Weapon

A Recurring Nightmare and Why I Carry a Weapon

I’m driving along a long stretch of highway with my kids in the backseat, sometime in the middle of the night.

They’ve been asleep, but 1 stirs and tells me he has to go pee. I could use a break, too, so I stop the car at an overnight gas station to fill up the car and empty our bladders.

The kids are just tots so I have to take them both with me to the Ladies room. I have to get the key from the guy at the counter first, so I carry one of the kids, still groggy from sleep, and the other one is struggling to free his fingers from my hand.

I feel like an obnoxious bug as he hands the key over and grunts the directions to the toilets at the side of the building. Of course the lights are out on that side, leaving me to grope for the keyhole, but I finally find it and open the door.

After I shuffle the kids into the bathroom and I’m attempting to shut the door behind me a big foot inserts itself into the opening of the door, preventing me from shutting it. The foot quickly proves to be the Counter Guy, and he shuts the door behind him, leaving all 4 of us standing in a 5 foot cubicle, and no way out.

Fortunately, I wake up at this point… AND THAT’S WHY I CARRY A WEAPON!


Why Camo? What Makes Camo So Perfect for Women’s Fashion?

Why Camo? What Makes Camo So Perfect for Women’s Fashion?

I have to be perfectly honest and admit that up until a few years ago camouflage fabric held no attraction for me. There’s the old-fashioned camo, which is kinda drab green/brown/tan, but that same pattern comes in multiples of colors now. But have you seen the latest patterns?

If you love being outside, the new camo patterns bring all of nature to you, wherever you are. You can find almost any camo print in digital styling, too. Although, for me, the more natural the better.

Look at any of the latest styles and you’ll find that the design comes with a camo variation. Camo no longer is confined to hats and jackets. You’re seeing women’s shirts, jewelry, shoes and more adorn camouflage.

Are most of these women going hunting? Not always. These designs are making their way from the woods to the catwalk with even designs for women’s bikinis now!

Here’s some of the more creative ones I’ve seen:

Boy Shorts
You can find camo in almost any outdoor nature scene imaginable these days. My most recent favorite is the Mossy Oak Naked North Snow, as seen in this adorable boy short and camisole set.

You just can’t talk about camouflage fabric on a Women’s blog without mentioning pink camo. This oh-so-comfy Wilderness Dreams baby doll set is available in pink or white.

Along with some fabulous women’s camo wear comes the fabrics. The fabrics are important if you’d rather have that feminine appeal over looking like you’re actually going hunting. Outside of the quintessential pink camo, many women love the white and fall color designs.

TrueTimber Fabrics
Speaking of Snow, I’ve just ordered this fabric (MC2 SNOW), made by TrueTimber as a prototype for another tote I’m interested in manufacturing. It’s pretty, isn’t it? Looks like a clear, cold, quiet day in the woods. Awww, crisp, fresh air!

With summer coming to a close and fall just around the corner I am looking at the pretty oranges, reds and golds in the leaves and wondering why there aren’t more fall-colored camouflage patterns and colors available.

There’s plenty to look forward to if you’re a camo lover! Designs are constantly being made and even rocking the camo bikini at the beach is now fashionable. Giddy up.

Concealed Carry Equipment

Concealed Carry Equipment

I just heard this morning that the number of Concealed Carry Licenses has gone up drastically this year. So where does a CCL holder actually conceal their weapon?  For a man that would probably be a holster, whether it’s in the belt, the boot, the pocket, or the body.

Women usually opt for a purse or handbag, but there are also specially designed pieces of underclothing (bras and camisoles). Fanny packs are also available, but aren’t as popular this year as they used to be.

Purses and Handbags
For the lady who isn’t into the flashy items, Gun Tote’n Mamas has a lovely selection of purses that have right or left entry concealed pockets, slash-proof, wire reinforced handles, and high quality leather. They all include a holster.  Just three of the many available at Smitty’s Rancho are pictured here.

Personally, I am very attracted to bling and pretty colors so I gravitate toward Montana West handbags. The concealed carry pocket is at the back of the bag with one direction entry, but large enough to handle most handguns. These purses are very affordable and look, feel , and smel l like leather. Many different styles are available at SmittysRancho.

Underwear, Belts and Bands
Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.07.15 PM
Under your clothing there are the shorts and tank tops with the holster built in, made by UnderTech, and many other manufacturers. There are so many sources out there that carry the cross-body, belly band, arm and leg bands for concealed carry that I’m not even going to try to list them all here. I highly recommend you search the internet for the one that will suit you best, but I always start with “images”.

Gun Holsters
My favorite and most comfortable holster is made by KNJ of a soft, yet durable brushed polyester, also available at Smitty’s Rancho. They’re available in every size for whichever hand gun you carry. They come with reversible clip, thumb break and belt loops.

A FINAL NOTE: The voice on the radio asked, “Why would we want to own a gun? We’re just trying to protect ourselves from other people who own guns. Why not just get rid of all guns, except for those people  like the military, or police, who are paid to protect us?”

My answer is that I don’t want to be dependent on someone else to protect my family or myself from whatever the threat may be, whether it’s animal or human, but most definitely armed and dangerous. Being a licensed concealed weapon carrier was a very serious decision that it took my family a long time to finally come to terms with. Get protected yourself!

Fave Back to School Items in Camo!

Whew! I can’t believe it’s almost time for the 2013-14 school year to begin. I don’t know what your weather has been like, but here in Ohio it’s been spring- or fall-like since May. What happened to the dog days of summer?   So, we’re school shopping, which includes clothes, shoes, books, and paraphernalia for carrying said items.

Mossy Oak Camo Backpack
Whether you’re a girl or a boy that likes camo, SmittysRancho has a great backpack for you. These are rugged, fitted with hydration tubes and bladder, and roomy.

Tablet Cases
This digital gun bag is my husband’s pick for his tablet.  It’s the perfect size, has pockets for identification, cell phone, keys, wallet, whatever you need to carry. It may be a gun bag but it’s a great tablet carrier. It opens flat for quick and easy access in the airport, too.

Aren’t hoodies the perfect cool weather accessory?  SmittysRancho has them in Mossy Oak camo, Naked North Pink or Prois black with pink trim.

Phone Case
Our daughter-in-law’s Mom came to visit the other day, and I absolutely loved this Realtree cell phone case by OtterBox!

Rolling Duffel Bags
We can’t ignore the guys and gals going back to college, now, can we?  Why not send them off in style with these rolling duffel bags, available on  They’re carry-on size, too.

Feeding the Family: The Best Hunting Gear for Women

I grew up in an area of the United States where growing your own food was considered the norm. We only bought stuff if it was an absolute necessity. To us the word “substitute” meant “we don’t have any, so figure something else out”; NOT go to the store and buy it.

The climate was perfect, but the soil was not, so we worked at it ‘til it produced some groceries, and it was the ONLY WAY to feed a family of 9 (yep, we grew up Catholic).

We also fished, which included bass, catfish, the infrequent flounder and grouper, crawfish, oysters, and VERY rarely lobster (I know, you don’t “fish” for crawfish, oyster and lobster, but they’re seafood, anyway.) Red meat included deer, rabbit, squirrel, and the occasional beef (which we did buy). We also ate lots of chicken (it was cheap), quail, wild turkey, and other unidentified birds (usually mixed in with the squirrel, rabbit, etc. in a big pot of gumbo). Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Naturally, I learned to hunt, fish, garden, can, freeze, clean fish, etc. What I didn’t have was the clothes and cool stuff to go with it. Guess what, ladies? I’M MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME!

Prois Hunting Vest
This lovely camo vest fits a female figure like a glove!  The Sherpa is soft and warm, and the vest is reversible orange for hunting visibility. We use it at work, too. The ladies in the warehouse all have one, and even the ladies in the office are hooked on them.

SnakePro (215x300)-500x500BFW032_exlander (300x283)-500x500
This is an item I’ve personally done a lot of research on, since I not only like to shoot guns and bows, I also kayak and ski in the winter. In Ohio it’s critical to keep your feet warm if you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time. My pick is the newest item in warm footwear: Bushnell’s new line, made by a 100+ year-old company called Trimfoot. They’re soft, warm, durable, nice-looking, and affordable, and coming soon to

Don’t you just love those cute gardening boots? I really like the Hunter Royal Horticultural Society collection (Hunter RHS). Lots of different designs and colors for slogging through thick mud, heavy rain, and just a dew-covered veggie garden.  A bit pricey, but worth it!

Mathews Jewels Bows
Now, I know there’s a lot of very dedicated women out there who hunt with a bow, and they have their favorites. I didn’t learn to shoot a bow until after I met my hubby, and I just inherited his old Bear bow, and it’s been around for ages. I know, it’s reliable, but it’s not very attractive. I just happen to think it’s high time for a change. I keep telling my hubby if I could look at my bow and be inspired by it’s beauty I’d make more time to practice, but alas, I still don’t have one of these beautiful Mathews Jewels. I think I’ll add it to my Christmas Wish List. ~sigh~

Prois Pro Edition Jacket
I must close with my absolute favorite piece of outdoor clothing, my jacket, the Prois Pro Edition Jacket. It is soooo warm that sometimes I have to shed a layer out from under it to stay comfortable, even in the frigid North. From building snowmen to kayaking, I use this jacket for ­everything I do outside in the winter (except for skiing).