Camouflage Fabric Designs: What Would You Name Them?

I took my walkabout early this morning before I went to the office. The air was crisp, the sun was just peeking over the horizon, and the leaves are just beginning to show the colors of Autumn. I got to thinking it would be great to see these patterns in camouflage fabric. What would you name them?

Sun-Kissed Grass

Hydrangea Puddles

Shades of Shade

Green Veins

Water Lilies

Looking Up

What would you name these patterns? Tell me in the comments below! And be sure to visit our website at for the latest in camo.


Having a “Blast” This Weekend

Our family (all 17 of us) has begun a tradition of gathering once a month for Family Night. This month it was at Smitty’s Rancho for a fun afternoon of shooting!


With a few close friends invited, we had quite a collection of guns, bows, throwing axes and knives. We had up-close shooting practice with handguns, and long-range targets with rifles and shotguns for obliterating clay pigeons – and we had a blast! (Pun intended).


Hay-bales were set up across the field for target practice with longbows (several handmade by our son), crossbows, compound bows, throwing axes and knives. Our son is really into archaic weaponry!).


We (translation:  He) forgot the targets, so a hand-drawn deer that looked like a mix between a llama and a kangaroo was the primary target for the bows. Of course, we alerted the local Police Department first so the neighbors didn’t  think another war was imminent!


All the “stations” were safely manned and maintained by at least one adult who was well-versed in safety – and everyone there had shot at least once before.

It was a beautiful early fall afternoon, so it was a bit chilly, but we’re used to that in this season. Pizza, chips and pop was devoured by the end of the day – I think I’ll make a big pot of chili for next year. We had a great time and all of us went home exhausted and happy!

The Best of Wilderness Dreams

“Whaatt?” – That was my response when someone asked me to pick my favorite Wilderness Dreams pieces. I love them all!! So these are my ­most-worn, most versatile and most comfortable pieces.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Pink Belted Swim Skort

I wear this little skirt for everything! I swim in it, play tennis in it, wear it to the mall, hang out in it at home, and play volleyball in it. It’s designed with comfort in mind and doesn’t ride up whether you’re running full speed ahead for the save on the court, or lazying around on a lounge chair or pool chair. The low hip line keeps me feel fully covered, but still stylish. I get lots of comments on this!

Wilderness Dreams Naked North Snow Lace Boy Short Pantie

There just can’t be enough said about the comfort of these little boy short panties. The non-roll elastic keeps the legs and waistline in place without sacrificing looks. They come in four different patterns of camouflage and are completely invisible under clingy slacks, leggings or dresses.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Cargo Board Shorts

My hubby and son-in-law both wear these shorts everywhere. The perfect swimsuit, dress shorts (they really look spiffy with a nice golf shirt), golf-or-tennis shorts, with their deep cargo pockets and comfortable non-roll waistband. They dry really fast, and keep looking new wash after wash.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Hoodie
With the weather turning cooler here in the Northeast I find myself reaching for my hoodies. Probably the most worn in our family of girls is this camouflage that ranges from sizes XS – XXL, so the youngest ladies can wear it right along with the oldest, and we all love the shape-defining quality of the cut and fit.

Wilderness Dreams Pink trimmed Camouflage Distressed Cap
I can’t write about Wilderness Dreams without mentioning my ball cap! Again, I wear it for everything, whether hitting tennis balls (of course), camping, a casual day shopping, cycling or watching an outdoor sport. Completely adjustable, so I’ve had to “share” it with the granddaughters, who will be getting their very own this Christmas.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Capri
These capri’s make the perfect lounge pants, pajamas or cover-up for a swimsuit, or a casual trip to the store. The low-rise waist makes them “sit” in the perfect spot and the elastic in the legs allows you to adjust the length according to your comfort zone. Can’t wait for a cool fall morning with my coffee cup with these on!

MORE Amazing Mossy Oak Camo

MORE Amazing Mossy Oak Camo

Montana West Mossy Oak Stretch Belt with Winged Cross
This sweet Montana West belt is perfectly suited for cinching in a billowy top or dress, or around your hips on your skinny jeans. Very flexible for adjustments up or down, and keeps its’ shape. My daughter loves hers!

Halter Camouflage Wedding Gown
3051 Halter Camouflage Wedding Gown with Train 2
What true female camo lover wouldn’t want this gown? It’s sweet and demure, but with a stylish and sexy cut. Imagine the looks from the guys and other ladies if you wore THIS to your prom or formal dance! Camo and pearls!  Hmmm, I might just make one for our next cruise.

Weber’s Men’s Tri-Fold Wallet
These Webers leather wallets are soft and versatile, with pockets and zippers for everything! Hubby was concerned because his didn’t fit in his back pocket the first few times he carried it, but within a few days it was perfectly shaped to fit his backside. Mine fits snugly inside all of my purses, carrying my drivers license, credit cards, checkbook, cash, change, etc.

Montana West Flip Flops w/ Crossed Guns
This family loves our flip flops, guns and camouflage, so how could we go wrong with these soft and comfy wedge soles? Just under $30 makes them very affordable, too.  Add a bit of bling and we’re stylish anywhere we wear them. The perfect complement to the belt and purse!

Montana West Mossy Oak Buckle Collection Camo Handbag
Oh yes, the purse. Camo is the newest rage, and the girls at my granddaughter’s high school drooled over this beauty on her first day of school! I’m still amazed at how roomy this design is without looking like you’re carrying a suitcase around with you. Fits just right in your hand or over your shoulder, tucked under your arm.