What the Best-Dressed Firearms are Wearing this Season

The under layer

For the long and the lanky

Let’s not forget the beautiful fashions available for our smaller friends

The men have a say in what they like, too

And for the outside layer


Staying in Shape Over the Winter (And Looking Great While Doing It)

What do you do to stay in shape when it’s too cold to hunt, fish, swim, or play outside? I don’t like to be starting all over next season, and it’s so much easier to maintain weight than lose it, so I’ve just made a commitment to get back into my pre-hip-replacement weight before my next birthday, which equates to about 10 pounds. As a result of that I’ve been indulging in some exercise accessories, and, for me, it’s all about the new camo patterns.

Look what I’ve discovered!

Cross-fit shoes by Skechers: Available in three different styles and colors

Camo Capri Pants: Available in Mossy Oak pink or standard camo patterns

Racer Back Tank top: also available in Mossy Oak pink or regular camo

Weight Lifting Gloves

Camo for Tennis: What to Wear for your Next Tennis Trip

Anyone who knows this family well knows that we are into Outdoor Sports. We all enjoy shooting firearms and bows, kayaking, hunting, hiking, camping, etc. All of these are well represented in camo clothing and accessories, but did you know there’s a new outdoor sport that’s getting into camo? It’s tennis! Check out the newest in camo tennis accessories.

Smittys Rancho Tennis Racquet Tote in Various Colors of Camo and Trim. You can even have it monogrammed.


Since I can’t find a REAL TENNIS SHOE company who makes these for the serious female tennis player, I’ll use these as a prototype of what MY shoes would look like. Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc., are you listening?

Gamma Tennis Racquet Overgrips come in 4 colors, are really easy to apply and can even match your Racquet Tote.

Wilderness Dreams has come out with this adorable Racer Back Tank Top that goes great with my brown, black, tan, white or pink tennis skirts. Super comfortable, with a long shaped hem, too. So cute!

The final accessory for any tennis player is a hat or headband, whether sunny or shady. These are my two favorites.

Smitty’s Rancho Gift Guide

Smitty’s Rancho Gift Guide

Just wanted to get this out before the Holiday Rush is on! Stay at home and shop in your most comfortable clothes (or not) in front of the fire or on your porch @ http://www.SmittysRancho.com.

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