Focus on the Camouflage!

Derived from the French word camoufler – to disguise – camouflage has a very long and interesting history pre-dating WWl.

In the ’TIME’ article “A Brief History of Camouflage” (M.J. Stephey, 2009) Stephey states that in 1909 Abbot Thayer authored “Concealing Coloration in the Animal Kingdom” which quickly “became required reading for the U.S. Army’s newly launched unit of camoufleurs”.

So why would this be required reading?  Because the animal kingdom is full of wonderful examples of disguise artists extraordinaire!

From the scientific study of algorithms and “clutter metrics” to the guy that took tie dye pants/coat outfits and drew tree trunks with a magic marker to disguise himself while hunting… M.J. Stephey sums up the history of camouflage as very simply – a survival tactic.

Now I know we may not currently need camouflage for our survival, but when many of us enter into the wilderness, our main goal is to blend in so we can become a part of our surroundings and see the many secrets hidden in the forests and meadows.    By wearing camouflage, we can get closer to unsuspecting birds and animals than we could if we were in our regular street clothes.

As of late, camouflage has also become something of a fashion statement, in that we see varied patterns on all manner of clothing articles from ladies lingerie to prom dresses.  Camo’s not just for the men anymore!

Let me show you what I mean…


This pretty camo pattern is called “Naked North Snow” and can be found on all manner of ladies clothing on the Smittys Rancho website like this cute Henley Night Shirt brought to us by Wilderness Dreams.


If you’re looking for something camo, but a little bit more feminine, there’s the “Naked North Pink” camo pattern in this pretty Wilderness Dreams Baby Doll Set… though I don’t recommend this pattern or outfit for a walk in the woods!


Or maybe you’d like just a subtle splash of pink on your comfortable camo Capri’s for your backyard exploration – this pattern is called “Mossy Oak Break-Up Pink”.


For something a bit less ‘girly’ that still gives you your ‘camo-fix’, here’s the “Mossy Oak Black Lace – Boy Short Panty”.

Ree 2014


February is for Lovers! The Best Jewelry and Accessories for Valentine’s Day

If you’re anything like me, winter is always hard on the pocketbook.  Everything from holidays to higher heating bills can really put a drain on the funds.  Lucky for us Smittys Rancho has a clearance section that provides great stuff at reasonable prices…  And just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Let me show you a few great clearance items you could drop some hints to your honey about that won’t break the bank.

The folks at Montana West always have nice quality stuff and here are two belts (in pretty Valentine colors I might add) that will set off your outfit in style.



In keeping with the Valentine theme, these two handbags, also from Montana West are so pretty you’ll love showing them off as a gift from your special man.



Not into pink?  Brought to you by Lizzy J, this very cute shotshell charm is customizable with your choice of Swarvoski crystals.   Add it to your favorite necklace or charm bracelet for a fresh unique look.



And finally here’s a real favorite, the Montana West Buckle Collection Wallet.  Big enough to carry your necessities, this stylish wallet comes in red, brown, turquoise, blue and black to match any outfit.



Find these items and more items on sale here:

Happy Valentine’s Day Shopping! 🙂

Ree 2014