Planning for the Worst – Concealing and Carrying Your Firearm

The area I live in is something of a cross between country and city dwelling.  The three acres I call home sits atop a large hill and is one of the highest points in our county.  It is also less than eight miles from some rather dangerous crime and drug neighborhoods, though you would never be able to tell that from sitting on my patio by the garden on a nice summer day.

One of the best things about living on the outskirts of a city is that you can have your space, but you can also be in town in less than fifteen minutes if you need to shop or want to go out.    Another great feature of my area is the relative safety being away from town provides.   My husband has owned the property since 2005, and during that time he has never had any incident. However, when I moved in I have to admit I acutely noticed how remote the house is, and as usual, locked the door every night and when we would leave to go someplace… much to his amusement..

Men, they don’t have to be quite as cautious as we ladies do mainly because they provide more of a challenge to someone that has intent to do harm.   I have noticed several of my single lady friends have taken to carrying firearms to protect themselves in the event of a confrontation, but their biggest complaints are it interferes with the other stuff in their purse, or they would probably not be able to get to it quick enough to help their situation because of things in the way.

Besides proper training, accessibility of your weapon is one of the most important things to plan ahead for.  If you look at most ladies purses, they normally have one or two small pockets on the outside for keys, phone, and other such items, and a big interior compartment where everything else is jumbled into a mess.  “I know it’s here somewhere”… in the line at the grocery store is very common.

So what do you do to remedy this concern?

Smitty’s Rancho can help.  There’s a full line of ‘concealed carry purses’ on their website that you just have to see if you are worried about accessibility in the event of an emergency.  With special built in pockets for your firearm, you won’t find yourself fumbling around when you need it most.


For those of us that travel light, there’s the ‘Concealed Carry Flat Sac Shoulder Bag’ from “Gun Tote’n Mamas”.  This purse comes in both red and tan.


For Mommies and other ladies that need to carry a lot of things when they’re on the go, here’s the ‘Concealed Carry Legacy Hand Bag’ also from “Gun Tote’n Mamas”.


Lastly, if ‘bling’ is your thing…. You’ll love this pretty ‘Montana West’ –  “Turquoise Concealed Carry Purse with Wave”.

Whatever your style, Smitty’s Rancho has a CC purse to meet your needs.  Remember – accessibility is important so don’t get caught having to hunt inside your purse while someone hunts you!       

Ree 2014