Let Smitty’s Rancho Add a Little Leather to Your Life!

Like most folks, when I spend my money to purchase an item, I like to know I am getting good quality as well as a good value, especially when it comes to leather goods.

Seeing as I have been riding a motorcycle for over twenty years, I know how important leather is and what makes it a good or a not-so-good value when it comes to adding it to my wardrobe.  Naturally style is the first thing that catches my eye, but buying a premium leather product is also important to me and should be to you also… that’s why Smitty’s Rancho (always looking out for your interests) has added some high quality leather products from Webers to their website offerings… and they are CAMO!!

Because inquiring minds want to know (mine always does anyway), I did a bit of reading up on Webers products to see exactly what type of quality to expect from their products.   I was pleased to find they use hides raised right here in the good old U.S.A. and that the process used to bond the camo patterns to the leather provides a robust and attractive end product that will not easily ‘rub-off’ like some other decorative leather treatments out there.


So let’s get down to the business of presenting the products.  I know you’re going to love them because they’re camo AND some of them are trimmed in pink to match those super-cute Smitty’s Rancho clothing items you already have in your closet.

Traveling light has never been easier than when you own one of these from the Webers collection of wallets.  From the mini zip wallet to the deluxe checkbook wallet, everything you need is organized and right at your fingertips – and is the perfect size for your needs.

Click on photos for specific item links.

tri fold weber wallet     weber clutch wallet

Pictured Above – Webers camo tri-fold wallet and women’s clutch wallet

weber mini zip wallet    weber deluxe checkbook wallet

Pictured Above – Webers mini zip wallet and camo deluxe checkbook wallet

So if a wallet just won’t cut it for all of your daily gear, don’t worry, Smitty’s Rancho has leather for that too!  Check out these two camo-chic Webers bags. Plenty of room for those necessities you cannot live without.

webers camo leather tote   webers camo leather handbag

Pictured Above – Webers camo leather tote and camo leather handbag

Now that summer is upon us, don’t forget to stay hydrated.  Really, please do remember to drink a lot of liquids because it is super important when the temperatures begin to rise.

Do your hydrating in style with this durable and camo-fashionable leather clad travel mug.  This item has a removable steel interior (because we never put leather into the dishwasher do we?) and a spill resistant sliding hole cover to keep your drink where it belongs.

pink trim camo travel mug

Webers pink trimmed camo leather travel mug

And last but not least, Smitty’s Rancho brings you the multi-gender wallet… in case you’re in a giving mood and want to buy a wallet for your manly outdoorsman –or- if you personally don’t appreciate the pink trim on the wallets above.

weber tri fold wallet - no pink

Webers trifold leather wallet

Featuring seven storage pockets, a clear window for your license, and a full-length bill divider this wallet makes organizing a breeze.  Rumor has it the leather gets nice and soft with use, but don’t take my word for it. Try one out for yourself!

Ok, that’s all for now.  I hope you have enjoyed getting acquainted with some terrific Webers leather products and will share all of our Smitty’s Rancho offerings with your friends.

I’m off to catch some rays since the sun is actually shining here in Ohio and my legs are that scary shade of fish-belly-white seen so often during early spring in these parts.  If you’re doing the same… don’t forget to hydrate!


Ree 2014



Let’s Talk Tennis!!!

Bet you didn’t know….

  • “The first women to play in the Wimbledon tournament wore full length dresses”.
  • “The first Wimbledon championship took place in 1877”.
  • “Wimbledon is the only major tennis tournament still played on grass”.
  • “Yellow tennis balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986”.
  •  “Every year, 24 tons of Kent strawberries are ordered for the Championships at Wimbledon”.


I don’t know about you but I personally would take the strawberries and save those long dresses for formal weddings!  I mean really, can you imagine trying to run a court wearing a long dress?  Yikes.

But on the serious side, tennis is a very challenging and competitive game that has been played for thousands of years, and is a really great form of exercise.  Originating in Europe, this activity began as a distraction for monks needing a break from religious duties.  The game was first played with the bare hand, later played with a leather glove covering the hand, and over the years the racquet as we know it emerged.

You can read more on the history of tennis here:   http://historyoftennis.net/history_of_tennis.html

So by now you’re wondering why I’m rambling on about tennis… because it’s almost summer and Smitty’s Rancho and I are going to help you gear up to ‘attack the net’ and ‘lob volley’ your way to victory!

Let me show you a few things you won’t want to hit the courts without this summer…  click on the pictures below to see the individual items.


    blue racquet tote   yellow racquet tote

  First off there’s the ‘SmittysRancho’ – Camo Tennis Racquet Tote.  This handy tote has room to carry all your sporting necessities from racquet and balls to bottled water and towel.  There’s a convenient zipper pocket on the outside to protect your racquet, and you can have the tote personalized with your very own initials by request.

You may also want to make it uniquely yours by selecting from contrasting colors in camo and trim fabrics.

Colors for Camo: True Timber Snow (pictured), Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity (pictured), and True Timber Pink.

Colors for Trim: gold (pictured), turquoise (pictured), navy, red, hot pink, purple, navy blue, forest green and chocolate brown.

Contact us today for your personalized color combo!


racquet grip in package  gold racquet grip with tote  grips and racquet handle

Now that you have your personalized tote, I know you will want to add a little zip of color to your racquet too.  What better way to add that zip than the Gamma Camo Tennis Racquet Overgrip?

Available in grey, orange, blue, and pink, you’ll look great and add cushioned comfort to your swing (3 grips per pack).


What to wear, what to wear, what to wear… wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve had that go through my head as I dress for my outdoor adventures.  Whites are out, camo is in this season… who needs that little white tennis skirt when there’s this available!  Slip into these and rock the court as only you know how next time you go out to play.

WD naked camo top - white       WD naked camo shorts - white

For more ideas on what to wear – click here!  http://www.smittysrancho.com/casual-wear/

And last but not least, don’t forget hydration because passing out on the court is just not ladylike at all!   Here’s the Webers Women’s Pink-trimmed Camo Leather Travel Mug to hold your cold court-side beverage.  Real leather, sliding lid, and a nice 14oz. capacity makes this item a real winner just like you.

pink trim camo travel mug

Well all this talk of sports and sweating has made me hot & thirsty, so I’m off to find a cold drink and slip on a pair of shorts.  Have fun, look great on the court… and see you next time!


(Ree 2014)

Just in Time for Summer – Swimwear, Tank Tops, and Flip Flops – In the Spotlight

If you’re anything like me, folks think of you as a bit rough and rugged because of the really great outdoor activities and adventures you participate in on a regular basis. From whitewater rafting to primitive camping, we live for that moment we can set ‘life’ aside and make our great escape into the wilderness.

Being adventurous doesn’t mean we can’t have an ultra-feminine sexy side too…   which brings me to the topic of today’s dialogue – Wilderness Dreams’ cute and comfy swimwear and summer-wear offerings found on the Smitty’s Rancho website.

Since summer is just around the corner, here are some pieces you can wear to start getting that fabulous tan asap!

Many of the pieces are same fabric, same trim, so the mix and match possibilities are endless and can give you a fresh new look almost on a daily basis.

(Click on the photos for individual component listings)

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-up Camouflage Pink-Strap Bandeau Swimsuit Top

Bandeau top

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Pink-Belted Camouflage Swim Bottom  

Pink belted swim bottom

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Board Shorts  

Camo board shorts

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Pink Belted Swim Skort  

Belted swim skort

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Pink Trimmed Halter Top 

Pink trim halter top


Wilderness Dreams Pink-Strap Hipster  

Pink strap hipster


And if pink is just not your thing, (that’s me) this set comes in the ‘Naked North Snow’ pattern as well as the pink trimmed version.

Wilderness Dreams Camouflage String Bikini Top & Bottoms  

string bikini top    string bikini bottoms


Poolside, lakeside, in the yard, or on a boat, these comfortable, durable, polyester/spandex blend separates are sure to make you look and feel your best whatever you’re doing.

After the sun has gone down and you’re getting ready for that waterside bonfire, Smitty’s Rancho still has you covered with the perfect casual gear!   Just add your favorite cutoff shorts to the tanks and flip-flops below and you’re out the door faster than a match lights up that bonfire!

Or better yet, give the matching shorts a try… super comfy!

We’ll start out the evening with the very cute Wilderness Dreams Naked Snow Camo Tank Top and Shorts. This print matches the bikini top and bottom shown above, so this would be great as a cover-up too!

WD naked camo top - white    WD naked camo shorts - white

Next there’s the Wilderness Dreams Racerback Tank and Shorts which comes in two camo patterns – Mossy Oak Breakup and Mossy Oak Breakup Pink! Fun!

racerback tank and shorts    Racerback tank

And finally to round off your evening outfit – slip on a pair of these casual Montana West flip-flops – cool and cute, designed with you in mind.

With three styles and many colors to choose from – you’ll be able to find the right match for your outfit and taste.


fleur de leis flip flop   crossed gun flip flop   cowgirl flip flop

Pictured – Horseshoe Cowgirl, Fleur Di Lis, and Crossed Guns in black and camo.

Make sure to order these items soon so you’re all ready for that warm sunshine we know is headed our way!

As for me, I’m headed out to pull early spring weeds from my flowerbed so they don’t turn into monsters overnight and take over our entire yard.

See you in the great outdoors!


(Ree 2014)