Smittys Rancho – Helping You to NOT become “The Victim”

Did you ever wonder why when it comes to crime some people end up as the victim, and others escape this type of criminal activity?

Not unlike lawmen/women, criminals do a similar form of profiling using relatively specific information about a potential victim to determine if someone is a likely ‘mark’ for a crime.   Today we’ll explore this topic in some depth and see how you might lessen your chance of becoming a victim of crime.

In an interesting article by Jason Hanson titled ‘Who would You Attack’, the author describes the type of person he would consider to be the perfect victim for a quick robbery:

  1. My target would be a woman.
  2. She would either be a young woman, such as in high school or college, or an elderly woman. (It would not be a woman with kids. Women with kids go “crazy” to protect their children.)
  3. She would be wearing jewelry, such as a large ring or several bracelets or earrings that looked like they were worth some money.
  4. The way she walked would show a lack of self-confidence and perhaps she would be slightly hunched over.
  5. Her hands would be full of shopping bags.
  6. Even though her hands are full she would somehow manage to be on her cell phone too.
  7. She would be alone.

Does this sound like you?

(‘Who Would You Attack’ – USA Carry  )

Author Wayne Petherick composed a very in-depth article about Victimology posted on the Crime Library website where he explores case studies done on victims of crime and the relationships between the victims. As well as covering ‘method of approach’ and ‘method of attack’, Petherick also discusses ‘risk assessment’ which I feel is a very important component to take note of.

Personal and behavioral attributes such as drug and alcohol use, frequent travel at night, and emotional frame of mind all lend a hand in criminals determining if a person will be a likely victim. The offender will look for a person that might be impaired by substance use, tired from being up late, or in emotional turmoil from a recent event which can weaken normal alertness and reduce risk of resistance to an attack.

(“Victimology; the Study of Victims in Criminal Investigations” – Crime Library)

As women, it is very important that we make ourselves aware of our surroundings at all times, prepare ourselves for the possibility of an incident… and make efforts to present a less likely target.   The fact that women do spend a great deal more time alone these days is a big contributor in growing participation in concealed carry courses and firearms sales in the female demographic group.

This is also why Smittys Rancho provides so many styles of conceal carry bags and purses, hopefully to meet the growing challenge of carrying a firearm comfortably as well as fashionably for women who choose to arm themselves.

Smittys Rancho features CC handbags from the respected manufacturers ‘Montana West’ and ‘Gun Tote’n Mamas’ so you know you are getting quality as well as value when you purchase a bag to house your firearm and other necessities.

Here are a few bags I have selected from the website that I hope you will like.   There’s more where these came from so make sure to explore them all at the link below the pictures if you don’t find one that suits your particular needs or taste here.

For work, I suggest one of these classic looks:

red CC tote  CC flat sac - tan  black zipper cc bagblack leather  CC tooled bag


And for your night out on the town, how about one of these sweet CC bags:

black - leopard evening bag  pink buckle CC bag  simple bling CC bag

And you may find the whole selection of concealed carry handbags here as promised earlier:

Smittys Rancho CC Handbags


Not a firearm carrier?  We won’t let you feel left out today, we have non-CC handbags available also, check them out here:

Smittys Rancho Purses and Handbags

See my favorite non-CC handbag here:

black non cc bag

Staying safe is important because we like you – make efforts every day to ensure you don’t fall prey to an offender .

Thanks for stopping in and we’ll see you next time.


Ree 2014





Smittys Rancho – Here to Keep You Bug-Free this Summer!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably dying to go camping right about now, as summer is finally getting started.   Making decisions on where to go & what to see, planning and figuring out what you want to bring, thinking about how nice it will be to get away for a few days into the great outdoors.  Ahhh, it will be great won’t it… or won’t it?

Let me tell you what could ruin your camping trip faster than a flood in your tent – mosquitoes, ticks and other flying/biting/crawling nuisances.  Did you ever wonder why these pests love you so much?

A really great article on ticks – from “North American Hunter” was brought to my attention recently, and as I read it part of the mystery was unraveled.   It’s not our sweat, not your best perfume, not skin lotion, after-shave, or any other product that is used on you or your clothing… surprised?  I sure was surprised, especially when I read it is the carbon dioxide (exhaled from all mammals) that is attracting them.

View the whole article here: “Tick Experiment that will Blow Your Mind

So the solution is to stop breathing and we’ll be safe from the little beggars, right?  Oops, not an option (was kidding anyway).   A better solution to this concern can be found right on our Smittys Rancho website.

The Sawyer 24 OZ. Permethrin Premium Clothing Insect Repellant.

bug spray

Now among other positive attributes of this product, I believe the main attraction for me is it does not have to be sprayed directly on my person to be effective – and it is ODORLESS. Yeay!

I really detest bug sprays because they stink, and a shower is required to get it off my skin after every use; plus some of the ingredients can be harmful.  This product on the other hand is used on your tent, your clothes, your hat, and your favorite camp chair – any fabric item that will be with, on, or near you as you visit the great outdoors… and it has some hang time, so if you treat your tent one time, you are covered for up to forty days in direct sunlight… and don’t we all wish vacations lasted that long!

Sawyer has created an informative video on this product and its use which can be viewed by clicking the link below. Go ahead and give it a look, I’ll wait right here….

Sawyer Informative Video

As shown in the video, this a very safe, effective, and long lasting product that will enhance your trip by keeping away the pests that can ruin your vacation.   And if you need more convincing that this item is a necessary addition to your camping/outdoor gear – make sure to read the rest of that tick experiment article.  Sure left me feeling itchy-crawly!

If you’re in the market for other camping supplies this summer  – make sure to check out more great items by Sawyer on the Smittys Rancho website here:

Sawyer Products

<<< Quick and Related FYI >>>

According to WebMD, ticks carry several different diseases including Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Read more about ticks from WebMD here:   Tick Bites – Topic Overview

Well, enough about bugs for me today.   I think I’m going to head out and pull some weeds since the darn things never do seem to stop trying to over-run the flower beds.

Until next time – I’ll be in the garden if you need me!


Ree 2014

Smittys Rancho and You – Poolside!

As early summer is finally upon us here in Northeast Ohio, most of us are ready to go and find some sun, right?   Be it at the pool, at the beach (yes we have a few of those here believe it or not), or just laying out in the back yard – it’s so nice to see the sun again, we are all very excited about it in this area of the globe.

Of course during my lifetime I have never really put a great deal of thought into the history of the bathing suit, I just put mine on and head out for the destination of the day (armed with sunscreen of course)… so imagine my amazement while doing a bit of reading on the subject this morning, I discovered that our female predecessors not only made their own bathing attire, they used seven to ten YARDS of fabric – normally a wool or a flannel – to do so.

Holy cats, can you imagine spending a day at the beach clad in ten yards of wool? I think I would just pass right out before I even reached the water. And never mind trying to swim in something like that, one would most likely drown if that much fabric attached to the body were ever to get wet.

Now being an amateur seamstress myself, I know your average dress pattern normally requires between three and five yards of fabric… so why did they use so darn much I wondered to myself? Like all of you, I have seen and giggled at pictures like the one below (compliments of LIFE magazine)… but these would surely only require a yard or two of  fabric at most.

vintage suited ladies

Well… looking around some more… in a Google Image search… I discovered several pictures of what must be those excessive yardage swim ‘dresses’ discussed in “Swimsuit History” (Consuming Cultures) referenced earlier.  The only ‘plus’ I could see going on for these swimwear offerings is, if you didn’t lose that five or ten pounds before swimsuit season was upon you, who would ever know??
Check these out ladies!

picture 2 area 2   Picture 1 area 2    picture 3 area 2
Well, enough of the brief swimsuit history lesson, let’s talk about the swimsuits of today – more specifically, swimsuits you can purchase for your very own on the Smittys Rancho website!

I hope you don’t mind if we begin with my most favorite camo pattern bikini, I just love this pattern so much I want to show it off first!    From Wilderness Dreams, here’s the string bikini top and bottoms – in ‘Naked North Snow’ (sounds naughty doesn’t it?). This bikini also comes in ‘Mossy Oak Break-Up with Pink Trim’ in case you’re not as fond of the north snow pattern as I am.

string bikini top  string bikini bottoms

This next pair offers a little more coverage if you’re the modest type – also from Wilderness Dreams – the Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage pink trimmed halter top and pink belted swim skort.

halter and skort

Since there’s such a great variety of swimwear on the Smitty’s Rancho website, instead of picturing all of them here today, I’m going to encourage you to visit the website after we talk a moment about sizes.
size chart for swimwear

Above is the size chart for the Wilderness Dreams lineup of products on the Smittys Rancho website.  I wanted to bring it up and let you know that unlike a lot of places that sell swimwear – Smittys Rancho and Wilderness Dreams know we want OUR size to be available in that cute bikini, not just the twiggy model body sizes.  You will be happy to know these swimsuits are all available in sizes small through XL, and some of the styles are also available in X Small and XXL. I checked it out to make sure you will be able to find the suit that fits you best!

Make sure to see all of the awesome Wilderness Dreams swimsuits here at the Smittys Rancho website:

Well, it’s time for me to go, I’m going to go put on my own string bikini top paired with some shorts, and work on the brick walkway I’m making here at the homestead.   Hope you have a great start to your summer and will let us know what swimsuit(s) we at Smittys Rancho can provide for all your summer adventures.

See you next time!

Ree 2014

Smitty’s Rancho – Celebrating Dear Old Dad

Unlike Mother’s Day which caught on very rapidly in the US because of the potential commercial earnings for retailers… Father’s Day had a much slower startup.

Now that doesn’t mean we don’t love our Dads any less, actually it was men themselves that turned up their noses at the idea in the late 1910’s and early 1920’s. “As one historian writes, they “scoffed at the holiday’s sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving, or they derided the proliferation of such holidays as a commercial gimmick to sell more products–often paid for by the father himself.”   (

At any rate, our Dads have always been near and dear to our hearts for the love and support they give to the family as a unit.

Let me share a few of my favorite famous Father/Daughter duos borrowed from Life Magazine’s “Father’s Day Special: Life with Famous Dad’s and their Daughters”.

Alfred and daughter

‘Master of Suspense’ Alfred Hitchcock and his daughter Patricia (1942)

orson wells and daughter

Multi-talented actor/director/screenwriter/radio personality, etc. Orson Wells and daughter Rebecca (1945)

Jack nicholson and daugter

Three-time Academy Award winner and 12-time nominee, actor Jack Nicholson and his daughter Jennifer (1969)

Being a Daughter myself (of a ‘not-so-famous’ mechanical engineer) I know how much we depend on Dad during our formative years and beyond. This Father’s Day, tell him ‘thanks’ in a big way with a gift from Smitty’s Rancho… we do have products that aren’t just for ladies you know.   I’d like to make a few suggestions if you have not already decided on a perfect gift to honor your Dad this year.

If your Dad is anything like my Dad, it’s all about the gadgets!  Here are two sure-to-please items that are not only practical… they have switches, knobs, and other such features for your gadget-loving Dad.
From Kaito, here’s the “Kaito Voyager Emergency Radio” and the “Kaito Weathermate Emergency Radio”. Both of these items are equip with a convenient hand crank and other nice features – just in case.

emergency radio   kaito weathermate radio

So your Dad is not the gadget guy mine is?  We still have you covered for gifting ideas.  For the outdoor Dad, check out these awesome items below!

bug spray

Don’t let your Dad get eaten alive on his next outdoor adventure – get him the very effective “Sawyer 24 OZ. Permethrin Premium Clothing Insect Repellant.”  This product not only works on his clothing, he can spray it on his tent, chair, ball cap, or any other fabric item. Similar to products derived from the chrysanthemum flower, this spray bonds with fabric and will last through six washings – and it will NOT stain the fabric (and you know Mom will like that!)

first aid kit

Here’s another nice item from Sawyer for Dad’s backpack (or glove box) the “Sawyer First Aid Kit”.  Don’t let the small 1lb size fool you; this kit has everything needed for minor injuries including a informative First Aid Field Manual, and a Hunting and Fishing First Aid Manual.

mini water filtration

Also weighing in at less than 1lb (and costs less than twenty bucks), check out the handy “Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System”. Small, portable, easy-to-use, reliable, and inexpensive, this item could be a life saver and is guaranteed to process up to 100,000 gallons of fresh water.

See the product in action on You Tube here:

You can view more survival/outdoor products here:

So your Dad is not gadgety or outdoorsy?   Here are a couple things that might fit the bill for any regular old gun toting Dad 

kng clip holster

2 gunner bag closedtwo gunner bag open

Let Dad carry his firearm in comfort with the “KNJ Clip-on Holster for Concealed Carry” or the “Two Gunner Digital Camo Gun Bag. The compact KNJ Clip-on Holster has a nice soft interior to protect from scratches and a rugged exterior shell to provide lasting wear no matter where he clips it on his person, and the Two Gunner bag features inter-lock zippers for two guns, 2 magazine holders, and a large pocket in front for accessories.

weber tri fold wallet - no pink  mossy oak duffel

And if your Dad is still into ‘none of the above’ how about a sweet real leather camo wallet from Webers or a rolling duffel bag from Mossy Oak?

Whatever you do, please make sure to celebrate Dad on his special day and keep in mind… like his forefathers before him, he may be apt to turn his nose up at flowers, so find your gift at Smitty’s Rancho instead of the florist this year!

See you next time!

Ree 2014