Smittys Rancho – Keeping it Cool with Summer Hair Ideas

Summertime here in Northeast Ohio is one of the best times of the year, there’s festivals and outdoor concerts, beach days and fun evenings out… but as the ‘dog days’ of August approach, it can sure get hot and sticky, especially if you are anything like me – with around twenty inches of hair trailing down your back.  Yuk!

Even shorter hair will make you feel stickier when it’s just hanging there blocking any slight breeze that may provide relief to your perspiring neck and shoulders.  So what do you do?  An UP-DO of course.

My usual go-to summer up-do is a quick twist of the hair and a clip similar to the one seen below from Sally Beauty Supply (this particular one is the DCNL Tokyo Flower Hair Clip).  This gets the hair off my neck and trails the remaining length up and over the clip to cascade gently down the back of my head.  Simple – quick – easy – boring – everyday… yep… sounds about right.

tokyo flower hair clip

 Are you stuck in this rut too?  No clue what to do to get that hair off your face and neck, and look super-cute at the same time.   Smittys Rancho and I are going to share some ideas with you using one of our really unique and fun products – Bullet Barrettes.

bullet barettes


These cute and versatile clips can be purchased in either ‘single bullet’ or ‘double bullet’ style and can provide a fun and fashionable alternative to the same old boring barrette clip styles purchased at Wal-Mart and Target.

So what will you do with your cool new bullet barrettes?  Anything and everything… let me show you a few pretty barrette ideas I found online using a ‘Google Image’ search.

Picture these styles with the added coolness of your new bullet barrettes.

updo 1  updo 2  updo 3  updo 4  updo 5


And if you lack the technical hairstyling know-how, there’s two options – you can either grab your barrettes and stroll over to your favorite local salon, or check out these do-it-yourself videos I found on YouTube:

French Twist Tutorial

video 1 french twist


Easy Hairstyles, Knotted Half Ponytail

video 2


3 Quick Hairstyles for Sparkly Hair Accessories!

video 3


So is your head full of fun new ideas yet?   I hope it is 🙂

An additional note I learned personally concerning thin hair (like mine) and barrettes –  this tip came straight from my belly dance instructor at Shuvani Studio – using one of those tiny rubber bands and making a small pony tail before adding a barrette will keep it from sliding right out of your hair as you move.    I was having a very difficult time keeping an ornate flower barrette (one that had some weight to it) in my hair a couple years ago while I was getting ready to dance and this little trick saved the day.


One last thing before I sign off – don’t forget we also have Bullet French Wire Earrings and the Bullets and Bows Earrings – the perfect complement to your new do.

bullet french wire earring   bullets and bows earrings

Until next time, stay cool and look cute during the dog days of summer with Smittys Rancho and Bullet Barrettes.

Ree 2014


Smittys Rancho’s Mid-Summer Lingerie Spotlight

From painful to practical, lingerie styles have come and gone, and then come around again throughout history.    Styles that maximize, styles that minimize, styles that bare it all, and styles that cover it all… this long (and usually lacy) trail of undergarment design marches on right to this very day.

“It is impossible to say exactly when the history of lingerie started, but it seems that the first record comes from ancient Egypt around 3000 B.C. In general, clothing was a status symbol for the Egyptians, and higher-ranking women would wear narrow tunics as undergarments that started below the chest, extended to the ankles, and were supported by a crosswise shoulder strap”.

Gendered Fashion, Power, and Sexuality – A History of Lingerie

Such an interesting observation of times past – clothing as a status symbol – this practice also continues to this day.   Have you noticed when we meet someone new, oftentimes we make assumptions and judgments based on what they are wearing (or not wearing)?

Speaking of not wearing – several times throughout history, women actually revolted against the current lingerie styles and escaped the bondage of their undergarments to gain relief and comfort of movement.

1789 – “Empire waist dresses that became en vogue during this time period didn’t require the cinched in tight waistlines anymore, and for a brief time period in history–women could breathe again”. (History of Lingerie) 

1900’s – “As women in the early 1900s participated in more sports and vigorous dancing, they began to throw out their corsets in favor of more comfortable brassieres”    (Gendered Fashion, Power, and Sexuality – A History of Lingerie )

1960’s and 1970’s – “The 1960s brought back the young, free, androgynous figure of the 1920s”… of course we’ve all read about burning bras in the 70’s hippy days… and some of us may have actually been there for it….  (Gendered Fashion, Power, and Sexuality – A History of Lingerie )

All of these ‘battle royale’ style lingerie events from the past helped to shape the styles of the modern undergarments we wear today… and lucky us is all I have to say about that!

As I glance through some of the pictures of styles gone by in the undergarment world this morning, I breathe (easily I may add) a sigh of relief not to have been born in the days of some of our descendants.

Here are some pictures of particularly torturous-looking styles I found:

 1  2   3  She looks confused!4   5

(Pictures borrowed from Google image search “Historical Women’s Undergarments”)

So how lucky are we to be living in this day and age of modern lingerie?  Let me show you – with the assistance of Smittys Rancho and Wilderness Dreams.

Cute and Comfy – It’s the Wilderness Dreams Camisole and matching Boy Short – Naked North Snow Pink or White.

naked north camisole - white  Pink camisole

 Sleek and Sexy – Wilderness Dreams ‘Mossy Oak Break-Up’ Padded Bra and Bikini Panty (with charms).

mossy oak padded bra

Mixing and matching bras, panties, boy shorts, and more, has never been easier because  Smittys Rancho and Wilderness Dreams has all the styles and sizes you need to build the perfect collection of lingerie.   Find the styles you like, the size you need, and you’re ready to go.

Find the whole collection here:

Smittys Rancho Lingerie

thong pink  baby doll   thong

WD_CAMI_WITH_BLACK_LACE_BU__58790.1377619145.1280.1280  WD_Henley_NightShirt_NNS__30672.1377617253.1280.1280

lingerie size chart

 Designed for all our different sizes 🙂


Until next time, breathe easy, be comfy, and long live camo lingerie!

Ree 2014




Smittys Rancho Explores Proper Storage of Your Rifle

Now you may not have a gun collection the likes of those maintained at West Point, the Springfield Armory, the Smithsonian, or the Cody Firearms Museum… but even if you have only invested in one trusty weapon, your protection and storage methods are very important to the life and functionality of your rifle.

According to Guns and Ammo Network, “Most of the guns folks own will spend the majority of their working life at rest, placed in one state of storage or another, until the next shooting event”.

Guns and Ammo – G&A Basics – How to Store Your Gun

So what are some things you should be protecting your weapon from when it is placed into storage and not in use?  Here’s a quick list of things to consider:

  •  Environment
  • Scratches and Dents
  • Children and Other Family Members
  • Theft
  • Natural Disaster
  • Accidental Discharge
  • Your Untimely Death

Now that last one may not have crossed your mind much, but what does happen if you were to suddenly pass?   Does someone else have access to your weapons?  Do they know what your guns are valued at?   Are the items insured and will the policy lapse upon your demise?   Hummm, something to think about.

Philip Schreier, Senior Curator at ‘The National Firearms Museum’ reports:

 “At least once a week, we get a call from a distressed widow or family member who had a dear relative recently pass, leaving a collection of firearms that they have no idea what to do with and wholly do not understand the first thing about disposing of it, the laws regarding the disposition or their actual value”.

Guns and Ammo – How to Prepare Your Gun for Disaster

Now we here at Smittys Rancho cannot help you out with a lot of the items on the list… that is unless you have a collection you’d like to donate to us (just kidding)… but when it comes to protecting your firearm from scratches, dents, and minor environmental enemies, we’ve got you covered because we believe that every good gun deserves its own special case to live in whether it is in transit or just at rest in your bedroom closet.

I’m discussing this with you today because for the whole month of July we’re cleaning out the Smittys Rancho closet and offering KNG Rifle Cases at a special discount to you.

Yes, for the month of July, you can get these cases at almost half off the normal cost at our website.

Why KNJ?  Among other reasons – because they are made in the good old USA from attractive and durable materials, AND they come with a lifetime guarantee.  Sweet!

Smittys Rancho carries both the ‘KNG Scoped Rifle Case’ and the ‘KNG Scoped Rifle Case with Pocket’ (handy for those of us that don’t carry the giant catch-all purse).

The Scoped Rifle case comes in 36” and 38” lengths, and the pocketed version is available in 36″, 38″, 40″ or 42″ lengths.

So let me show you these attractive cases that are on sale all month.  Both cases are available in four fun color options; Leopard, Pink Leopard, Purple Leopard, and Zebra, so you should have no trouble picking one that’s just right for you.

KNJ rifle case - no pocket

scoped rifle case with pocket

In the event that neither of these cases is quite right for you and your weapon, check out the whole Smittys Rancho collection of Range and Gun Bags below.

range bag overview pic

Remember – KNG Rifle Cases are on sale at Smittys Rancho the whole month of July, so order soon to receive the discounted price.

One other thing I’d like to mention before I sign off – if you aren’t receiving our Smittys Rancho Newsletter and want to, please contact us because we want to make sure you are kept up to date on all of our sales, promotions, and other news every month.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!

Ree 2014

Smittys Rancho Presents `Pop-Accessories`

My Mom has the unfortunate circumstance of having Christmas and her birthday only four days apart from one another, so every year I make a point to select two gifts as different from one another as the two events.

For Christmas I always buy her something warm and comforting since it is winter in Ohio after all…  these gifts have ranged from flannel sheets and silk long-johns, to thick (and rather expensive) real wool socks.   But for her birthdays I watch for all the local Christmas craft shows – there I search for unique and very cool one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that she can mix and match with her outfits.   Over the years I have found some really nice items that are as unique and pretty as she is, which leads me to today’s topic.

We’re going to talk a little bit about special jewelry accessories that make your outfit pop, and that are available for you right on your Smittys Rancho website.   The items I’m going to show you are not your usual ‘charm on a gold chain’ thing, this is the real deal – unique jewelry pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.

So what exactly makes these items unique?   They are crafted from natural and manmade materials that have their own special color and texture differences that you won’t find at your local jeweler.  And better yet – they are geared towards the outdoor women that we are.

Instead of talking about it, let me show you some of my favorites and let you decide for yourself if these are items that will really stand out in the crowd.

We’ll start out with an introduction to the New – designed for Smittys Rancho – “Feather-Fur-Leather Cuff Bracelet”.   This takes one-of-a-kind to a whole new level.

“Leather with a combination of brass, rabbit fur, feathers, beads and chains. They buckle on for another unique feature and are very adjustable. They can even be buckled together to create your own leather choker necklace or leather upper-arm cuff”!

bullet feather cuff

Now how about a couple more unique items brought to you from Smittys Rancho and Lizzy J’s?  Nothing will make a bigger statement than one (or-two-or- three) of these cuff style bracelets which come in several styles including acid splashed cowhide and rattlesnake.

Wear them separate or stack them for a more dramatic effect.  Add the matching shotshell ring, and you will have a look that will catch everyone’s attention.

python cuff  rattlesnake cuff  cowhide cuff black and white  cowhide cuff brown  stacked cuffs and ring

 Also from Lizzy J’s, the unique shotshell choker and bracelet to compliment your cuff(s).

shotshell choker  shotshell bracelet

Cuff with shell bracelets


A little too bold for you?   That’s ok; this next trio is a bit less ‘in-your-face’.   Fresh from Cross Power, these beaded items will enhance your feminine side as well as add a splash of color to your outfit.  Choose from necklace, beaded bracelet, or beaded bracelet with medallion… or buy all three.  Sweet!

cross power trio


Still not grabbing you?  Take a look at these handy camo survival bracelets.  Not only pretty – but practical too.  With two different styles to choose from (Ducks Unlimited and Bone Collector), you can pick a favorite or pick up both.  These could also be stacked for a bigger visual impact.

survival bracelet pair


Along the same lines, there’s the Cross Power Salvation Bracelet available in pink camo and green camo with engraved cross and bible verse from Phil. 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

pink camo cross survival bracelet  green cross survival bracelet

 Now I’m not going to show you every unique jewelry item on the website – that would spoil the fun. I’m going to encourage you to take a look at all these items and more by clicking the link below and browse to your heart’s content.

Smittys Rancho Accessories

Dare to be different and make your outfits pop with unique jewelry items from Smittys Rancho…  and don’t forget to tell your friends where you found them!  That is unless you want to keep it our little secret, I won’t tell 😉

See you next time.

Ree 2014