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Today I would like to present some information on Initiative 594, (I-594) and the Second Amendment since they are important topics that affect all owners of firearms in The United States of America.  It is a little bit long so feel free to skip to the end  (the part on I-594) if you are in a hurry, but I hope you will be able to read all of the information I have found.

In preparation for this blog entry, I have been reading some very interesting information on the Cornell University Law School website and some other resources which I will share as I bring up points borrowed from each.

When someone says “Second Amendment Rights”, the first thing that comes to mind is the struggle over decisions that concern gun control, and the spotlight that has seemingly made a major and confusing debate of the right for citizens to bear arms in our country.

The 2nd Amendment, ratified on December 17, 1791 reads:

Amendment II

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”.

Let me begin by sharing my own personal stance on the matter – It is my belief that American citizens have the right to protect their homes, property, selves, and families by using guns or any other tool that is effective against a hostile party.  It is also my belief that guns in the wrong hands can create devastating circumstances that should never be allowed to come to pass.

This being said – are there guns in my home – yes.   Are they there to protect our home, property, and family members exclusively – yes.    I don’t see any reason for discussion or debate on the matter myself; however this fact is forever under dispute and scrutiny.

Cornell University Law School Quote:  A collective rights theory of the Second Amendment asserts that citizens do not have an individual right to possess guns and that local, state, and federal legislative bodies therefore possess the authority to regulate firearms without implicating a constitutional right.

View 1 of The Collective Rights Theory – “…some believe that the Amendment’s phrase “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” creates an individual constitutional right for citizens of the United States. Under this “individual right theory,” the United States Constitution restricts legislative bodies from prohibiting firearm possession, or at the very least, the Amendment renders prohibitory and restrictive regulation presumptively unconstitutional.”

View 2 of The Collective Rights Theory – “some scholars point to the prefatory language “a well regulated Militia” to argue that the Framers intended only to restrict Congress from legislating away a state’s right to self-defense.”

The above points borrowed and quoted (recognized by the use of italics) from Cornell University Law School Resource.

Hummmm, so was it designed to be a personal right, or a right to be executed when there is a threat at a higher level that requires militia action?  There is a lot of room for interpretation there in both directions.

So let’s fast forward to last week 9/17/14 – and gain some insight from Alan M. Gottlieb – Chairman of CCRKBA (Citizens for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) on the 2014 Congressional Elections.

“The 2014 Congressional elections are going to play a major role in the fate of our Second Amendment rights. If the House and Senate hold a democratic majority after the elections we could see a flood of federal anti-gun laws like never before and it would be nearly impossible to stop.

If republicans win the majority in both the House and Senate, the constant threat of additional federal gun control will come to a crawl. These are vital midterm elections that we need to prepare for in order to stop the anti-gunners.”

Do Not Allow the Devastation of Our Gun Rights

Now personally I think these statements may be a tad presumptuous and premature, but they might also hold a very real threat to the future of the Second Amendment.   It’s hard to say… one would hope that congress could be trusted to do what is right for the American public – but this is historically not always the case, so to quote the Boy Scouts of America – “Be Prepared” – might not be a bad route to take with this one.

And finally, I would like to share some information I discovered on I-594 which is on the WA State ballot for November.

Here’s the ‘nutshell version’ from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.


Initiative 594: “Universal Handgun Registration”

  • Under I-594, every time a handgun is transferred, the person receiving the handgun will have their name added to the government database being maintained by the state Department of Licensing.
  • Virtually every firearm transfer – with very few and limited exceptions – would be required to go through a licensed firearms dealer under the provisions of I-594.
  • I-594 will specifically regulate transfers, not sales. Under the language of I-594, in virtually all cases, a person merely handing his or her firearm to a family member or a friend cannot do so without brokering the transfer through a gun dealer with the accompanying fees, paperwork, taxes and, in the case of handguns, state registration.
  • I-594 also doubles the state waiting period on handgun sales from five to ten days and extends it to every private transfer of a handgun!
  • The only thing that I-594 would accomplish is the creation of a government record of all lawfully transferred handguns in Washington, which would facilitate their future confiscation.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action

My apologies for being so long-winded… and for the extensive use of quotes today – but I really could not have said it any better than the resources I have provided.

Smittys Rancho will be adding the gun vote logo seen at the top of the page to all of our posts until the election in support of freedom to bear arms because it is an important right – one that should not taken for granted.

Thanks for bearing with me and I hope you have found some or all of the information presented interesting and informative.

Next time we’ll talk about something a lot more fun… like Fall Activities!

See you then.

Ree 2014

Smitty’s Rancho & Wilderness Dreams – It’s All in the Details

What I like most about all of the Wilderness Dreams brand products we carry on our Smittys Rancho website is the diversity and attention to details in their products… well, that and the bold camo patterns they use to begin with of course.

This unique blend of camo and cute is enough to make you want to just fill your whole wardrobe with the stuff.

Let me show you what I mean, we’ll start with the basics – The Camo prints.

Mossy Oak Break Up

WD Mossy Oak Break Up

Mossy Oak Break Up Pink  

 WD Mossy Oak Breakup Pink

Naked North Snow  

 WD Naked North Snow

Naked North Pink

WD Naked North Pink

Wilderness Dreams begins with these four basic camo patterns and goes a little wild from there with daring and interesting styles accomplished by the use of contrasting trims, lace, and even sexy see-through mesh.  Let’s get a close-up look at of some of the detailing I’m talking about, we’ll start with the lace.

As you can see, adding pink and black lace to the basic camo patterns adds a desirable feminine touch to these items quite nicely.

 WD snow and black lace   WD pink lace   WD pink and black lace   WD Black lace   WD black lace 2

Then there’s the use of contrasting color to really add pop to these clothing items.

 bow and trim pink   black straps      bikini pink   belt and bandeau   bow and trim pink bikini  pink bow  pink straps   pink straps on mossy oak

And finally, what says sexy louder than see through fabrics…  Not much.  Wilderness Dreams pairs up this sheer black mesh with Naked Snow and Naked Pink in these two baby doll sets to really heat up your evening activities.

baby dolls   baby doll break up

If it’s details you’re looking for, Wilderness Dreams and Smittys Rancho has you covered.  Discover them all here on our website, and add some cuteness to your wardrobe today!


Thanks for looking and see you next time 🙂

Ree 2014


Smittys Rancho – It’s Getting Kind of Cool in Here

Here in Northeast Ohio where I live, Fall is undoubtedly the most beautiful season there is… however waking up on one of the first chilly mornings like today (at 44 degrees) is an eye opener that gets one thinking seriously about the impending winter season.

There are so many things to do like finish outdoor projects that won’t wait until next year, make sure the house and yard are ready for the upcoming cold temperatures, check on our vehicles to make sure any necessary repairs are completed (trust me – a winter break down in your car is no fun at all)… and all manner of other things folks in warmer climates don’t have to worry about.

And WARDROBE is right up there near the top of my list of things to check on.  Fall wardrobe is always a challenge here because in one day you can go from thirty five degrees to eighty degrees in less than eight hours.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve woken up feeling cold, dressed warmly for my day, and ended up sweating to death in my selected clothing later.

Fall in Ohio is all about layering if you want to be prepared and be comfortable at the same time… well Winter here is all about layering too… but for different reasons 🙂  Making sure you are wearing ‘enough’ and ‘little enough’ at the same time is the Fall challenge we’ll be exploring today.

So what makes up a good layering routine?  My own personal layering strategy starts with a daily check of the forecast to see what the temperature parameters are for the day.   Now in Ohio, forecasting is not always super-accurate so I throw in five degrees either side of the forecast… just in case.

Here’s today’s forecast in my neck of the woods.  We have a high of 66 and low of 43 with zero chance of rain.    So I’m going to call it high 71 and low 38 (burr!).


Next thing to consider is personal comfort level at these temperatures.  Now since it is among the first of our chilly days, my body has not yet acclimated to the cooler temps, so I will be feeling different at the median of today’s temperature of 54.5 degrees than I would be in the spring at the same temperature.  Taking that into consideration, jacket for outdoor activities today? – Definitely a yes.

Am I going to be inside most of the day also comes into play when planning my wardrobe for Fall.  Does it get chillier at your place of work when the temperatures change like it does at my workplace, or is it always the same?  So many things to consider when dressing for changing temperatures!

For today, since there is the potential for a 33 degree temperature change, layering my wardrobe with a jacket or long sleeve hoodie makes good sense.  Let me show you some items from our Smittys Rancho website I might consider pulling over my tee shirt and jeans when I leave the house later.

First off check out this ‘Prois Elevation Shirt’.   A good thing about this one is the fact that it is constructed of a breathable waterproof laminate fabric.  This protects you In case of rain, but also helps with wind, and since today could be breezy, this will help to keep the wind off me when I am outdoors… and in Ohio, they may SAY it is not going to rain, but there is always the chance they will change that statement later.

Additionally, this piece is part of the Elevation Layering System by Prois which has other components you can purchase to mix and match for when the temperatures drop even more next month.  Additional pieces to look for; Beanie, Gaiter, Vest, Pants and Jacket.

prois shirt

Next in line, and also brought to you by the good folks at Prois, the ‘Ultra Hooodie’.  Lightweight and constructed of ‘wicking’ fabric, this hooded, long sleeve item is the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe.

prois hoodie

Last but surely not least, here’s another great “tee-topper” brought to you by Wilderness Dreams – the ‘Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Loungewear Hoodie’.  Soft and comfy with a slight ‘v’ neck and drawstring, this one will quickly become one of your favorite go-to items for cooler weather.

mossy oak hoodie

Well, all this talk about dressing up and heading outdoors has me wanting to do just that, so I’m going to get out of here now and allow you to browse the website and discover all we have to offer your wardrobe as the temperatures begin to drop.

Stay comfortable and see you next time!

Ree 2014


Smittys Rancho – “So Charming”

When I was a young girl, my family did a great deal of traveling abroad…. I have been all over Europe from Paris to Tunisia… and I cannot remember how it happened (my Gramma I think) but at some point when I was twelve years old, I received a gift of a silver link bracelet with a charm on it, and I proceeded to add charms to it from many of the places I visited in Europe and the USA thereafter until I was in my mid-teens.

You can see it pictured below.  I admit when I pulled it out of the small box it’s kept in (which is in a drawer in my larger jewelry box) I noted two things; one – it looks a bit tarnished but not too bad for not seeing the light of day for several years now, and two – there is a gap (right there above the Colorado charm) with an empty ring that looks like one of the charms has made an escape… I better look around for that later.

A charm bracelet is one of those special items that may be held near and dear to a young lady’s heart for many years to come as has my own – though it no longer fits my adult wrist.

my bracelet

   Historically, “the carrying of charms to ward off evil dates back to the Neolithic era in which hunters would carry interesting stones and trinkets for good luck”… additionally “the first record of charms being used as a means of a symbol of one’s own life was in Rome, where Christians, fearful of letting others know their own religious belief used to carry small charms in the shape of a fish”.

(The History of Charms)

Interesting stuff that is, you can read the whole article by clicking the link above… so anyway the reason I am discussing charms with you today is because this week Smittys Rancho has introduced four new Handmade Charm Bracelets from “New Dawn Beauty” to our website offerings – and we’re sure you’re going to love them!   Folks that receive our newsletter got a sneak peek at these beauties last week, but they’re now available and let me waste no time showing them off for you.

First I think you’ll agree the colors and charms on this sweet bracelet will look great with almost anything in your wardrobe – introducing the “Outdoor Sports Beaded Charm Bracelet”.   This attractive bracelet features pink champagne and burgundy beads along with charms representing hunting, fishing, shooting and other outdoor-oriented activities.  A full 8″ long with 11 silver charms on a silver chain – it’s going to be a “keeper” for you or that special young lady in your life.

#1 bracelet

 Now here’s a duo for those gals that play with worms and love to fish, “I’m Hooked Beaded Charm Bracelet” and “Gone Fishing Beaded Charm Bracelet”.

#2 bracelet  #3 bracelet

“I’m Hooked” is an 8.5” long link bracelet with soft ivory-gold seashell-type color beads and nine silver charms .   It’s like having a piece of the beach right there on your wrist.

“Gone Fishing” is 9” long with chain extender and features beads in shades of turquoise, pink champagne and white, with nine silver ‘fishing themed’ beads.  So pretty you’ll never want to take it off – I really love the tiny little fish hanging from the end of the chain extender.

And last but not least –   highlighted with pink champagne and burgundy beads, the ten inch long “Archer Beaded Charm Bracelet”.    This bracelet is a full ten inches long and has bows and arrows galore around the diameter.   Big enough to put around your ankle, I think you’ll agree this spectacular item is a unique addition to any wardrobe.

#4 bracelet

Worn alone, or several layered together, show the world your outdoorsy side with these new and one-of-a-kind beaded charm bracelets from “New Dawn Beauty”  and Smittys Rancho.

Bracelets together


Well’ that’s all for now – I think I’m going to go poke around my jewelry box ‘in search of…’

Enjoy your new bracelet(s) and see you next time 🙂

Ree 2014


**** My apologies folks, here’s a late-comer to this collection of awesome beaded charm bracelets called “Gone Huntin”… similar to the “Archer Beaded Charm Bracelet” at a full 10″, the “Gone Huntin Beaded Charm Bracelet” features contrasting turquoise and burgundy beads as well as 10 hunting themed charms from bullets to binoculars…  my favorite charm on this one is the old hunting dog.

gone hunting bracelet


Smittys Rancho – Focus on the Wallet

We’ve all seen those movies where the King (or other such person) tosses a bag of gold to someone that has done a service for them – as a reward… because back in the day money used to come exclusively in the form of coins.  These ‘coin purses’, as they were often referred to, were constructed of a wide variety of materials from leather to silk.

And of course we’re all familiar with the famous tale of Robin Hood – the fellow that relieved folks of their valuables which often included coin purses which they tied to their belts for safe-keeping.

So at what point in time did money turn from coins to paper currency you may have wondered?  “Wallets were invented in the late 1600’s; almost immediately after paper currency was introduced. Paper currency was invented in Massachusetts in 1690”.

(History of the Wallet)

During those early days of the wallet, they were almost exclusively utilized by men, but as time passed, women also began carrying different forms of wallets to organize currency, and later credit cards (invented in the 1950’s).   Most ladies of today have a wallet included in the items found in their purses.

Because women tend to like matching their accessories, ladies wallets come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations… for this blog entry I want to take a few minutes and show you a sample of the variety of wallet we carry here at Smittys Rancho.

I’m going to start us off with my personal favorite, the ‘Montana West Buckle Collection Wallet’.  This one is not only ‘hard case’, it is big enough to carry everything from your cash and credit cards to your coins and checkbook.

Wallet 1 wallet 2 wallet 3

Next, and also from Montana West, here’s the sweet ‘Camouflage Wallet with Deer’.  This attractive design comes in pink or black camo as seen in the pictures.  This wallet also comes with matching removable wristlet strap for portability.

wallet 4   wallet 5


The Montana West Camouflage Wallet with Cross or Concho will look great as a ‘carry alone’ or ‘pull out of the purse’ item (cross wallet available in pink or black camo as pictured).

wallet - cross - pink   wallet - cross - black

wallet - concho

Now I’m not going to spoil all the fun of you discovering the other designs available on our website, but I will show you one more… in case you think the hubby/boyfriend might be feeling left out…

This is the ‘Trifold Leather Wallet’ from Webers featuring seven pockets for storage and a full length bill divider.  This wallet will soften and conform with use – quickly becoming his favorite wallet to carry every day.

weber wallet

As I said earlier, I’m hoping you’ll want to explore a little more and find your favorite wallet among our collection, so here’s the link to our accessories page where you’ll find these designs and many other wonderful, useful, and stylish things.


wallet collage

Smittys Rancho Accessories

Until next time, I hope your new wallet is always full, and you’ll visit us often for all your outdoor and camo item needs.

Ree 2014