Smittys Rancho – Announcing Our Biggest News Ever!

Next weekend – November 1, 2014, Smittys Rancho founder Jeannette will be opening her very first ‘brick and mortar’ location right here in Ohio.   It has been a dream and goal of Jeanette’s to have a place where ladies can come in and actually see, touch, try on, and buy the hand selected female oriented outdoor items offered on our Smittys Rancho website.

jeannie  Jeanette – Smittys Rancho Founder

With great brands like Wilderness Dreams, Montana West, Prois, Gun Tote’n Mamas, KNJ, Webers, Sawyer, New Dawn Beauty, Smittys Rancho brand, and many others, we know the ladies in our area are going to be very excited to welcome this unique store to the community.

While it is still a work in progress and will be for the next month or two, here’s a sneak peek into the store.   I think Jeanette has already brought together a great collection of some of the finest items from our respected suppliers into her new space.

I’ll give you the quick tour now….

Stepping up to peek into the glass showcase, area women will find some of the most awesome jewelry offered on our website.


Bracelets together   Cuff with shell bracelets  python cuff

pink camo cross survival bracelet  shotshell choker

While we’re here, take a look behind the jewelry counter and we’ll find a nice selection of garments from Wilderness Dreams – note –  Jeanette has even added a couple pieces from their latest line of active wear- just released.

wd active wear pic  t tank  3bf46131d94c1adb64dfb5f4dd701c40

Nearing the center of the store, we find the handbag, tote, clutch and wallet area.  This selection of bags has all the detailing and unique features you have come to expect from the products we offer.   Many of these bags are also outfitted for concealment of your weapon, Sweet.

store 2

black non cc bag  CC flat sac - tan  MONTANA_WEST_CC_PURSE_TQ__70758.1368888336.386.513

Clutch 2

Strolling past the handbag and tote area we see a welcoming table and chairs to have a seat and peek at the latest outdoors publications, or we could wander over and select some survival food items from Wise Dehydrated Foods.  These come in convenient carry buckets so you can stash them away for emergencies.


w1 w2 w3

While we’re over here don’t forget to pick out a few targets from the wall display – because practice makes perfect you know.

Well, that’s all for the quick tour today, and if you cannot make it out to our new store in person for the grand opening next weekend, don’t feel left out – you can still get all these great items and more right from the comfort of your own home at our website.

In closing – a BIG congratulations to Jeanette and all of the crew here at Smittys Rancho as we take this next step forward in making it easier for ladies to find what they need for their outdoor adventures.

Watch for more pictures, news, and products here, at our Smittys Rancho website, or check us out on Facebook.

Until next time, happy shopping ladies!

Ree 2014


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Smittys Rancho Brings You – Great Grandma Gearing up for the Hunt.

This weekend was a busy one for me.  As the warm season ends here in Ohio and cooler temperatures begin to prevail, we reflect on projects which only a few short months ago we vowed to complete – ‘crunch time’ is now here in the Northeast… so yesterday morning I took my trusty shovel in hand, and in the course of two days laid my procrastination to the side and finished the second of the two stone walkways I had assigned myself to complete earlier in  the year.  Thank goodness for Advil!


As I dug the ‘high clay content’ dirt out of my work area, moved many wheelbarrows-full of gravel, and finally began to lay the stones, I was doing some thinking about how we ladies do so many things our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers would probably not have done during the course of their lifetimes.

My own Grandmother would not have been very surprised to see me crawling around on my hands and knees laying stone because I spent the majority of my twenties as a Landscaper/Arborist.   As much as I loved it, there was something about climbing trees with a running chainsaw dangling at my feet in forty one degrees and rain conditions that the blossoming arthritis in my right knee did not agree with, so I sadly had to give it up and find another means of making my way in the world.

So many of us follow ‘unconventional’ paths these days that it is not quite as shocking to society as it once may have been, however there is still a great deal of eyebrow raising when you tell folks at work that you plan to spend your weekend installing a stone walkway in your yard… especially at my age (creeping up on that half-century milestone here).

Anyway, I began thinking of you – our lady huntresses and outdoor lovers, and how liberating being in the great outdoors can be for us, which then led me to vivid mental images of our foremothers gearing up to go hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities way back when.   What did they wear, and all that… so I did a little research that I will share.

This first picture comes from the popular “ Downton Abbey”, and I included it first because when I ran a Google Image search on ‘vintage ladies hunting attire’, this is the first vintage look I found.   Though a recreation, the people that put on the show did their homework and created a passable 1910’s outfit that our Great Grannies may have worn out in the field.   Quite honestly to me she looks like she may be headed to the office instead of on a hunt.  Do you agree?


As I scrolled down the page some more, I found other pictures that were interesting as well as a great deal more authentic.   Here are a few now… I especially loved this first one of the “Drexel University Girls’ Rifle Club – 1925”.  Such a cheerful looking bunch.


Hiking anyone?  These ladies look so bound up in their clothing; I would venture to say that climbing over a log more than twelve inches off the ground could quickly become very embarrassing for them.


And lastly here is a picture of a ladies hunting costume.  Can you imagine doing any ‘real’ hunting in this outfit? (oops I meant costume, sorry).


Anyway, as I did this pictorial research, one thing I noted acutely was a serious lack of documentation of ladies participating in hunting and outdoor activities prior to the 1950’s.  I surmise it’s because they didn’t do it very often… it was probably considered ‘man’s work’ back then, and not appropriate for ladies.

Now I’m not too sure if you are familiar with the story behind the Smittys Rancho’s origin, but our founder Jeanette had a similar experience as I just did myself doing this research – she, finding not-too-much in the way of ladies hunting gear at a trade show she attended.

She vowed at that time to change that for you awesome ladies of the outdoors by hand selecting everything that fills the pages of our website with your comfort and special outdoor gear needs in mind.  We may not look as fashionable as our female ancestors did, but freedom of motion and comfort are top priority when it comes to the products we offer from our respected suppliers (Wilderness Dreams, Prios, Montana West, Lizzy J’s, etc) ..… some of them with a touch of pink thrown in occasionally for good measure!

I encourage you to visit our website and see what a real outdoors-woman like yourselves has collected in one place for your convenience.   I think you’ll like what you see from the real gear you need to the special jewelry and other items that quietly speak of the great outdoors you all love.


Anyway I will close this session of blogging with one last picture I came across, because it seriously tickled my funny bone – not directly related to hunting but…   she looks a lot like what some of our Ohio ladies may have been scouring the woods for this weekend while I was digging away –  turkey season just started here last week.


Until next time, thanks for visiting us and please do come again.

Ree 2014

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Smittys Rancho – Bringing You a Little Western Style Bling!

A lot of the great products we offer here at Smittys Rancho focus on Camo because let’s face it, Camo is hot not only for hunting and outdoor use but as an everyday fashion statement also…  but did you know we have some really cool items that practically shout Western Style?

Well yes we do, and today I am gathering them up and giving you a look at them all in one place so you don’t have to scour the website in search of… because we adore you horse loving ladies just as much as we cherish our huntresses of the wild.

While there are several different items to show, I want to begin with ‘buckle bling’ as I like to call it.   When I see these items I immediately think of horses, rodeos and handsome cowboys.  If you like what you see, just click on the picture of interest and we’ll zip right over to the website for a closer look.

And a couple of these items have the added appeal of a CC pocket for your favorite weapon.  Enjoy!

1  2

3  4


5  6

7  8


Wow, now that’s some buckle bling if I do say so myself.  So how about we horse around for just a moment, because I know you are going to go wild for these two horse inspired handbags from Montana West.



You know, two of the things I like most about the hand selected purses, totes, and handbags Smittys Rancho offers are the attention to detail and the POCKETS in every one.  I don’t know about you, but for me it’s all about organization, everything has a place and I like to be able to find something super fast in an appropriate pocket when I’m on the go.


Ok, onward we go with our western tour; here are a couple items that might strike your fancy – with crossed pistols.   A bit of fun trivia – crossed guns as an insignia historically indicated a military service branch, but the ones we have at Smittys Rancho are just for fun.

13  14

And finally, here’s some horse shoes for your feet.  The very cute ‘”Camouflage Flip Flop with Horseshoe Cowgirl” from Montana West.   Shhhh, don’t tell but we just snuck some camo in there.   Because camo rocks and can be totally addictive you know.


Well, I hope you have enjoyed our little trip west today and will join us next time as we bring you more awesome products from Smittys Rancho and our respected suppliers.

See you next time.

Ree 2014

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Smittys Rancho – Focus on Prois Cold Weather Gear


Here in Ohio as the temperatures begin to drop, hunting is on a lot of our ladies minds.  As a fall activity, turkey season is highly popular and runs from October 13th through November 30, 2014… because who doesn’t just love a fresh wild turkey for their Thanksgiving feast?  Yummy!

But wow can it get cold up here some days within that time period.  Sitting still in these cold temperatures takes a great deal of fortitude, patience, and the right gear… really great gear designed just for these hearty women who take to the great outdoors like a fish to water.

The good folks at Prois have spent many years perfecting and designing their gear with your comfort, warmth, and overall durability in mind.  They know you will be spending a lot of time in the field patiently waiting for just the right opportunity to come along to bag your prey, and they also know you don’t want to be too cold to move fluidly when it comes time to claim your well earned prize.

From Prios – “we believe women hunt hard and deserve the gear to support their pursuits”.   That about says it all and every one of their products reflects that sentiment precisely.


Smittys Rancho is very proud to offer you a selection of handpicked gear from the Prios line, and today I’m going to share two of the cold & wet weather combination favorites we offer.

For those cold weather hunting days:

  • Prois Elevation Shirt
  • Prois Elevation Jacket
  •  Prois Elavation Pants

elevation shirt elevatiion jacket elevation pant

These three Prois Elevation items feature breathable waterproof laminate fabric, waterproof zippers that snap down, Prois’s nylon tricot lining, and deep set pockets that are plenty big enough to accommodate those handy warmers to keep your fingers from stiffening up when you need them most.


And for those not-so-cold but wet weather hunting days:

  • Prios Ultra Back Country Shirt
  • Prois Eliminator Rain Jacket
  • Prios Eliminator Rain Pants

ultra shirt  rain jacket  rain pant

Prois Eliminator items feature waterproof breathable fabrics (because we want to keep the dampness out, not in), the Prois tricot nylon lining system to keep you warm and comfy, and nice deep pockets to keep all of your necessities dry.

Well, it’s time for me to go and dream about fresh turkey, I know, and it’s not even Halloween yet… but yum!

I sincerely hope you will visit our website often for Prois and all of the other great brands of Outdoor Clothing we offer.

We’ll see you next time,

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       Ree 2014