Smittys Rancho – Brightening up the Winter Blaghs

Well, here in Northeast Ohio we’re so done with winter… unfortunately winter is not quite done with us yet. On average there are five days of sunshine per month in the wintertime up here on the north coast… and somewhere between the battleship grey skies, grey/brown slushy ‘used’ snow at the side of the roads, and grey/black silhouettes of the trees against the drab winter backdrop, we’re really ready for something different to look at…. something with some color to it.

In keeping with that need for color, today I’m going to focus the spotlight on the brightest and most colorful items on our website – and in the store – to cheer us all up a little bit. We’re going to get this color popping tour started off with some hot pink because nothing wow’s quite as totally as these brilliant items below.

First off, we have the hot and flashy ‘Montana West Rhinestone Crystal Cross Concealed Carry Handbag’. You could also get this bag in brown if you really wanted to… but why would we do that when there’s PINK? Not only will you look great carrying it, your weapon will thank you for giving it a space of it’s own to lounge in for the day.

Spacious at 13.5 x 4 x 11, this bag is big enough to carry your weapon and all your other necessities too.

pink handbag

Also from Montana West, here’s the sweet and sassy rhinestone belt in hot pink. Pairing this off with that Crystal Cross CC handbag from above could just cause Bling Blindness, so we suggest you hand out the sunglasses to your friends before stepping out wearing them both together (wink).


Next in line for the hot pink category are two of our very own Smittys Rancho brand items – the adorable camo bow clutch, and the camo tote with removable scarf. Hey, when you start with camo and add hot pink, only great things can happen from there.

Both of these items are handmade to order right here in Ohio, and you can have them monogrammed – in HOT PINK of course – with your initials to add a personalized touch.

clutches   tote

That’s not all we have in hot pink on the website, but I don’t want to totally spoil the surprise of you discovering a few favorites on your own…. so we’re going to pop on over to the turquoise/sky blues now.

Just in time for spring practice shooting, here we present the Smittys Rancho Brand Compound Bow and Arrow Cases with that gorgeous turquoise trim, or the Arrow Quiver Case (can be purchased separately or with the bow case) – trimmed in royal blue.

As with our other Smittys Rancho Brand items, these cases are proudly made right here in Ohio and can be personalized with your initials.

bow case blue   quiver

You won’t be feeling blue when you stow your gear in one of these CC handbags by Montana West – each of which feature details galore.

The CC Purse with Hinge Design has a sparkly silver buckle, and conchos with flowers on the “hinge”, while the Braided and Studded CC Handbag has just about everything you could possibly ever want in a bag from studded feet to roomy interior.

blue bag    turquoise bag

And don’t forget a pretty aqua cuff from Lizzy J’s to round off your blues experience. These 100% leather cuffs are highlighted with shot shells and Swarovski crystals.  They are a real unique eye catcher.


So how about some luminous yellow hues to brighten up your almost-end-of-winter grey days?  These two items are sure to send you off to the courts with a sunny smile.

From Gamma Brand, its the Camo Tennis Racquet Overgrip, and from our own Smittys Rancho Brand – the Camo Tennis Racquet Tote.

gamma tape

tennis case      tennis tote

And finally I’m going to close our color tour with those colorful, wild, and very durable bags from KNJ.  When it comes to prints-a-popping, these folks got it going on!

Click on the picture to check them all out, they have sizes and styles to fit almost any weapon you may own.


Well, that’s about it for me for now. I hope you will let us at Smittys Rancho add a little color to your late-winter wardrobe/gear, and visit our website for these and many other great items from our respected suppliers.

Until next time, I’m back to dreaming about spring… as I gaze across our frozen wasteland of a yard…

Ree 2015


Winter Hike – Smittys Rancho Winter Ensemble


Want to know what I like most about winters in the north? Bundling up in some great outdoor gear on a frosty morning, and heading out into the woods to look for the pretty ice formations that you only find this time of year along the creeks and riverbeds. Then there’s that perfect moment when the sun catches the icicles just right and almost blinds you with a brilliance that makes the journey worthwhile.  Breathtaking!

Trust me, winter sight-seeing is no fun without the right gear to keep you warm and dry for the duration of your hike there and back. Smittys Rancho has just what you need to protect your skin from the harsh temperatures and damp conditions brought on by Mother Nature’s long winter’s nap.

As we true northerners well know, the best way to stay warm in the winter is to layer!   Here are a few suggestions to help you gear up from head to toe for that hike in the winter wonderland.

Starting with something cute is always a good bet – of course it has nothing to do with warmth at this point – that comes later.   These two matching top/boy short sets will help you get going in the right direction.

Black Lace Cami Boy Shorts cami black lace

Pink Lace Cami Boy Shorts  cami set pink lace

Next may I suggest this Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak camouflage hoodie?   Made of soft poly-jersey knit, it’s the perfect under- layer for your outdoor winter excursion.  At this point you’ll also want to slide into your favorite jeans and prepare to wiggle into the outer layer of your seasonal ensemble.


Outerwear for winter should provide both warmth and water repellency…   so in keeping with the camouflage theme (because matching is good), here’s the Haley Vines Waterproof Insulated Jacket and bib pants. The pair boasts a durable 100% Polyester outer shell and a warm faux mink liner that shields you from the harsh elements while warming you on contact.   100% water and wind proof, sweet!

jacket  pants

And finally, your feet will thank you for lacing on these women’s Bushnell Mountaineer boots when you step in the creek trying to get a better look at the ice formations. The 100% waterproof shell will keep your feet dry and comfortable instead of cold and swampy! Cold and swampy is NOT in season this winter… or ever for that matter.


So there you have it, “The Winter Ensemble”.   Now get going on that hike and don’t forget to take some awesome pictures!

Stay dry and see you next time!

Ree 2015

Are We Tuff Enough? Oh Yeah.

Today my Niece and I went to the annual Home and Garden Show which is held at a very large facility called the IX Center (International Exposition) that lies several miles to the west of Cleveland here in Ohio.  As we walked around looking at all of the vendors booths and the landscape displays, it brought to mind the story of the outdoors show our Smittys Rancho founder Jeanette attended that prompted her into starting a business aimed at bringing the best female-oriented outdoor items to ladies across the country and beyond.

I’m not sure if you know it, but every item on our website has been hand selected from thousands of items – from hundreds of respected vendors – and brought to one place for you to browse and shop conveniently.   Additionally, Smittys Rancho has created several items of our own that are hand crafted right here in Ohio and designed with the female outdoor enthusiast in mind.

As ladies, we know it is as important to look good as it is to have items that are well made and durable enough to match our rugged outdoor activities. With that in mind, I wanted to bring a few of our more durable, yet attractive items to your attention… and it’s not too late to get them shipped to you in time for  ♥ Valentine’s Day ♥   which is next weekend!

When it comes to rugged yet attractive carry cases for your weaponry, nobody does it with quite as much flair as the good folks at KNJ. Weather it is the zebra pistol case or their purple leopard scoped rifle case, you know your equipment will receive the protection it deserves and look good en route to your favorite hunting spot or off to the range for some target practice.

knj_gun_bags__03690_1405457087_386_513  KNJ_RIFLE_CASES__98023_1405456477_386_513

Know who else makes some rugged yet fashionable cases? Mossy Oak. From their camo backpack to the rolling duffel, you’ll be loving the features and durability of these items.

rolling_duffel_pink_trim__14100_1405457217_1280_1280  pink_trim_backpack__13320_1405457103_1280_1280

Nothing to carry?  That’s ok, let’s take a dive into the Smittys Rancho closet and see what we can find from our friends at Prois.   Prois is a highly respected supplier of hunting and field apparel for our outdoor ladies, and the items we stock in our “closet” are items we feel your wardrobe cannot be without. Take a look at these two great vests and you’ll see what I mean.


And finally, what says rugged better than something made of LEATHER… not much.  Take a gander at our leather items here:

sr leatehr

lizzys_belt__36562_1405456332_1280_1280  GTM_black_leather_tooled_bag__25840_1405456752_1280_1280  Webers_women_camo_tri_fold_wallet__91720_1405457135_1280_1280

Yep, they’re all tough yet sweet… just like us.

Remember, we are here to bring you the best in outdoor items geared towards the female outdoor enthusiast, and if you don’t see something you’re dying to have on our website, contact us and let us know so about it so we may serve you better.

On that note I better hit the hay, Monday is almost upon us and the weatherman says the week is going to start off with a bang… and some frozen rain, ice, sleet, and other delightful precipitation we here in Ohio know and love so well… umm, yeah.

Until next time stay warm!

Ree 2015



Jewelry for Valentine’s Day? Yes Please!

I don’t know about you but personally I wouldn’t want to be caught in the embarrassing situation of having exactly the same jewelry as someone else at that next weekend party… that’s why it is an excellent idea for your sweetie to buy your Valentine’s Day jewelry from Smittys Rancho, because almost every jewelry item we offer is one-of-a-kind and unique.

Let me show you what I mean.

From ‘New Dawn Beauty’ we carry five custom created charm bracelets for the outdoors-woman in all of us. Sporty!

new dawn

Then from ‘Lizzy J’s’ we have cuff bracelets galore with shot shell accents. Awesome!

lizzy j    accessorie 8

And for something truly unique, how about the ‘Feather-Fur-Leather Cuff Bracelet’… handmade and so very different.

fur feather

And last but very much not least, our very own ‘Smittys Rancho Brand’ Bullet Earrings with or without bows.

bullet - bows   bullets no bows

It’s not too late to order in time for Valentine’s Day so drop him the hint – or better yet send him the link to our site so he may browse for himself.



Until next time, stay warm, cuddle with your sweetie and make sure to let us know what unique jewelry we can rush to you for Valentine’s Day!

Ree 2015