Smittys Rancho – Saying Hello to Spring

Spring Piece

One of the great things about spring coming to Northeast Ohio is the feeling that anything is possible and a sense of renewal after the long winter…. it all begins with robins hopping around the yard in mid-March, and continues with tiny buds on the trees, bulb plants quietly emerging from the ground, and all of the new gardening projects that are carefully being planned as the days slowly get longer.

I myself have some big doings going on as the weather changes, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you today. This past Friday I finished session number four of four – social media and email marketing – in order to help me do a better job of communicating with the public as the voice of Smittys Rancho.

As well as the interesting information received in the sessions, the seminars gave attendees the chance to network with other local business people. That’s where I met a very talented artist from ‘Paint Valley Studio’ named Don Weisgarber – see his watercolor painting of sheep at the beginning of this week’s blog entry (above).  For small businesses especially, networking and information sharing is very important because of budget constraints when it comes to marketing our goods and services. The more people you know, the better chance you have of them mentioning you to their contacts and customers – giving you better exposure.

Now I’m not going to give you a lecture on networking and social media here, but as Smittys Rancho grows, we can only hope that you tell all your friends about us and all of our great products… and while we’re on the subject of growth, every day brings me closer to completing the new sewing workshop where all of the future Smittys Rancho brand products will be ‘born’.

Here are a few pictures of the renovation which should be completed in two weeks… as with my old creative space, this one is also a mobile construction office trailer I purchased to refab for my own purposes… but this is twice as big as the old one!  I am SEW excited!

sewing room 2  sewing room 1

And here are a few of the new things we will be constructing for YOU in this great new space!

The newest product Available Now in our Smittys Rancho Brand lineup – the Long Bow/Recurve Bow Case with Matching Quiver. Perfect for transporting and storing your bow and arrows.

20150326_081004_resized    2015032695081107_resized  2015032695081128_resized  20150326_081446_resized

COMING SOON – the first of four in the -“Camo Kitchen Collection Series” – The Camo Embroidered Microwave Bowl. Many color combinations and different embroidered borders will be available – find them on the website here the third week in April!!

bowls 2  bowls 1  bowls 3

Anyway, with all these big things going on, I wanted to make sure and not forget to wish you all a very Happy Spring, and we’d love to hear all about the spring/summer projects you have on your list.

***If you don’t get our newsletter and want it – please make sure to email us right away!

Thanks for coming, we’re glad you came – see you next time!

Ree 2015


Smittys Rancho – Adding Something Exotic to Your Wardrobe

When it comes to your wardrobe, one of the best ways to change things up is to add a piece of striking jewelry. Here at Smittys Rancho, we have a wide range of interesting and unique jewelry items to select from, but today let’s talk a little bit about the exotics… those special one of a kind pieces designed by Mother Nature and one of our favorite respected vendors.

Lizzy J’z is the vendor that I’m referring to in this case. Their materials and designs are beyond compare when it comes to making a unique jewelry statement. Let’s have a look at a couple of their awesome pieces.

First off there’s the “Lizzy J’s Python Cuff”.   Now I don’t know about you, but I much prefer touching a nice pretty piece of snake skin jewelry instead of a real snake, but did you know that the Python is actually a very fascinating creature?


With over forty different types of pythons, their appearance can vary greatly in size, color, and patterns on their scales. The python is what is called a ‘constrictor’ which means instead of killing its prey by injecting poisonous venom, this creature wraps itself around it’s victim and squeezes it until it perishes by suffocating or having internal organs damaged causing failure. Yikes, right?

Pythons are also what is called oviparous – meaning lays eggs instead of birthing its young already alive and kicking. Read more about this awesome creature here so when you wear your python cuff you can tell everyone about the interesting snake that provided it for you.

Encyclopedia Brittanica – Python Snake Group

Next up – and from another very interesting creature, also a snake… the “Lizzy J’s Rattlesnake Cuff”.


So what’s so cool about rattlers other than the unique items that can be made from their skin? Let’s look it up… like the python, rattlesnakes also come in many different shapes, sizes and colors… 33 to be exact.   Many of these different types share a common diamond or hexagonal shaped pattern of color that runs along their spines.   Unlike the Python, the Rattlesnake IS a venomous creature “A rattlesnake bite is very painful, and that of a snake more than 1 metre (3.3 feet) long can be fatal”.    Kind of scary!

Ratters are what is called ovoviviparous – meaning the eggs develop inside the female snake and are born alive.  The young are born with everything the need to feed and survive – fangs, venom, and the quick reflexes that allow them to both attack prey and evade predators that would make a meal out of them.

Encyclopedia Brittanica – Rattlesnake Group

And finally let’s talk about another very interesting (but not quite as exotic) cuff by Lizzy J’s – “Acid-Splashed Cowhide Cuff”.  Now these cuffs, while not made from an exotic skin, have a special appeal of their own which is created by the process of treating the hide… and believe it or not, researcher that I am, I could not for the life of me unlock the secret of how this beautiful effect is created.    Seriously – I got nothing.

What I DO know is that they are really very unique and stunning to look upon.   Smittys Rancho offers these acid-splashed cuffs in both silver and gold – you will want one of each!

acid splash hide

Another great thing about all of these exotic cuffs… like the special skins and hides is not enough… they feature shotshells and Swarovski studded crystals with two snaps that allow for sizing adjustments. Sweet!

So as you make your wardrobe plans for the coming “short sleeve” months – add an exotic Lizzy J’s cuff or two and make a unique fashion statement. Find all of the exciting Lizzy J’s items Smittys Rancho carries here:


And before we say goodbye for the week, let me show you the very first Smittys Rancho Long Bow Case, available on our website soon!

bow case closed  bow case open

Thanks for coming and see you next time.

Ree 2015

Smittys Rancho – We’re Kickin it in the Kitchen!

In November I did a blog piece on building our Smittys Rancho brand, at which time we took a quick tour into my workshop and saw some of your favorite products ‘being born’.

“Smittys Rancho – Slowly Creating a Brand”

Well I have some very exciting news, I am moving into a bigger workspace very soon, and with that growth comes more cool Smittys Rancho products for you!

Today I am going to show you the first of four kitchen items we will be releasing this spring/summer season… I’m fondly referring to them as our “Camo Kitchen Collection”, and I’m sure you’ll want to collect them all… then in the Fall of 2015 we will be releasing something that I know will knock your socks off, so keep your eyes here and on our website for all the new and fun things that will be coming your way.

Soooo, as promised, here is the first item in our “Camo Kitchen Collection” which will be available soon.

This item is our Smittys Rancho microwave bowl holder designed to keep you and your crew from burning your fingers off when heating up items in your microwave. Both pretty AND functional, these holders will be available in several color combinations as well as multiple decorative embroidery borders.

top view blue   side view blue   blue with color fan   color bottoms   colors and tops together

The prototype set you see here is a set of four 8” bowl holders with assorted bright colored bottoms and a leaf style decorative border.

We will have three different sizes available – 8”, 10” and 12”, and multiple color combinations from mild to wild… and don’t forget we can do your favorite color combinations minus camo as we did on this bow and arrow case set we started last week.

***Remember our first sport oriented (Denver Broncos) Smittys Rancho Camo Soft Compound Bow Tote with Detachable Arrow Case?  Here it is all done.

broncos set 2   broncos set 3

broncos set 4

Well, I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag on the rest of the “Camo Kitchen Collection” so you’ll just have to be patient and wait for them… but we will be showing you our very first long bow case soon. Don’t miss it right here.

Until next time, start figuring out what color microwave bowl holders we can make for you…. and guess what, they’re good for insulating your cold summer treats from outdoor heat too!

Have a great week everyone.

Ree 2015


Smittys Rancho – Taking a Colorful Step Outside the Box – Because Diversity is a Good Thing!

This has been a busy couple weeks for me in the Smittys Rancho sewing room, because in preparation for better weather, we are getting in multiple orders for our fabulous camo bow cases… and there is one case in particular I wanted to talk about today as well as all of the others… because it’s a first.

Now traditionally our two best sellers in the bow case are the pink/turquoise and camo combinations as seen below, and they are even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures, trust me.

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

This “first” I spoke of is going to be a “football colors” themed case.   The order came in for a pink and camo case (I just love them) AND a second case which is to be a royal blue/orange combo for a Denver Broncos fan –  for the BF/hubby?   My first thought was, yuk… but after seeing them together I think it might actually work (see the pictures of ‘case in progress’ below).

(Denver Broncos logo borrowed for color comparison purposes only)

broncos  blue orange fabric contrast   serged

Now since I just happen to have the orange rolled out on the cutting table and the MC2 Snow camo right there handy too, I took a couple pictures because I wanted to show you how cool these two go together.   This is one of the many combinations we offer for this item, though we have not sold a case in this color scheme yet.

Maybe you want to own the very first one?   Let me know… have scissors, will cut!!

orange duck  orange and camo  orange and camo 2

All of these bow cases are hand-made right here in Ohio and are constructed to your unique size and color specifications.   You want purple, we got that… yellow- YES!   Almost anything you can think of we can make, just say the word.

Each case includes a matching quiver to store your arrows in – this attaches to the inside of the bow case with Velcro to keep things from knocking around in there.   These soft side cases are designed to fit and protect your bow while in storage or while being transported.

We offer six different size cases; 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 40” and 42”. .. and if you have something bigger, well God bless you and let’s talk about making a pretty custom case to protect it!

Anyway, I hope you’ll keep an eye on the website for the finished product – our very first Denver Broncos themed case – so you can see how it turned out.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, our designer has been busy at work creating a custom case for those of you long bow owners too – I hear the first one is going to be camo and yellow.  Watch for them soon!

Until next time, I’d really love to make YOU a custom case, so go to our Smittys Rancho website and check them out. They really are something special.

Ree 2015


Gourmet Fare for Emergencies – Smittys Rancho Says Why Not?

Well if you have been to our website and done some browsing, I’m sure you noticed the section called “Survival Equipment” which includes many items that we here at Smittys Rancho feel would come in handy in case you happened to have an emergency situation on your hands.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about the selections we offer from Wise Foods. Sure you have seen the pictures and think to yourself yeah, I should probably get some of those someday just in case… and then keep right on browsing into the cute bikini’s and jewelry that none of us can live without.


Well, maybe you don’t pause a little longer because you don’t have enough information on what you get for that small investment that you would rather be spending on something more fun… let me help clarify this for you today and give you some reasons to ponder maybe stocking up on a few things for your emergency situation.

Now I promise I’m not going to go all “doomsday” on you, but let’s do keep in mind the level of social unrest in the country as well as the other more likely emergencies that can pop up when least expected as I go over what you get when you order from us… the bang-for-your-buck shall we say.

Let’s start with the veggies – because your Mom would like me to make sure you eat those at the very least when Armageddon strikes (wink). Smittys Rancho offers the “Wise Freeze Dried Foods 120 Serv. Freeze Dried Vegetable & Sauces”.  Not only does this come in a very handy dandy sealed and reusable plastic bucket, let me give you the breakdown of what’s inside.

There are four different veggies and four tasty sauces included as seen below:

  • Corn
  • Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • Mushroom Sauce
  • Cheese Sauce
  • Cream Sauce
  • Butter Sauce


Ok, Mom’s happy with us now, so let’s satisfy our inner carnivore with some meat!  Smittys Rancho carries the “Wise Freeze Dried Food 60 Serving Gourmet Freeze Dried Meat” and we think you’re going to like the selection here… plus I’ll let you in on a little secret, they snuck a 20 serving bonus of long term emergency rice in the box with the meats. Yep, it’s a freebie everyone. You get the 60 meat servings AND 20 rice servings.   Way to go Wise!

Every sealed container of meat includes the following items:

  • Southwest Style Chicken
  • Stroganoff Beef
  • Cheesy Beef (not to be confused with your cheesy co-workers)
  • Teriyaki Style Chicken
  • Savory Roast Beef
  • Roasted Chicken
  • And of course FREE RICE!


Now how about something sweet to round off your meal? A bit of fruit should do the trick. Smittys Rancho also carries the “Wise Freeze Dried Foods 120 Serving Freeze Dried Fruit Combo”… and when they say ‘combo’ they mean fruit PLUS sweet and delicious toppings for that fruit.

Check out what you get in the sealed fruit bucket:

  • Bananas
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Creamy Yogurt Style Sauce
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Vanilla Pudding

Can You Say Yummy!


We also carry your basics – milk & eggs – because breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

milk   eggs

So you’re not ready to commit before you get a little taste?   I get that… for about $1.60 per serving you can purchase the “Wise Dehydrated Food Sampler Kit – Protein” on our website to see what it’s all about.


One great thing about all the Wise foods we carry at Smittys Rancho is they last a LONG time. We’re talking up to 25 years on some of their products. This means no swapping out of your supplies every couple years, which will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Consider inflation and food costs – what you purchase today is going to cost a whole lot more in 5 years, right?

Check out all the Wise product selections we carry here:

Wise Foods

Well anyway, all this talk about food has gotten me hungry so I think I’m going to go see what’s on the menu for dinner now.

Remember, it only takes a few minutes for you to let Smittys Rancho and Wise Foods help you prep for your next emergency – you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Ree 2015