Smittys Rancho – Helping Everyone to Celebrate Our Dads

Hi Everyone, let’s start out this Smittys Rancho – Father’s Day Prep Session with some interesting “Dad” facts you might not know.

According to the US Census Bureau…

  • The first Fathers Day was celebrated on June 17, 1910
  • In 2013 there were an estimated 214,000 stay at home Dads
  • In 2011 there were an estimated 21,277 hardware stores and 6,705 home centers across the country

(Facts for Features: Father’s Day: June 15, 2014)  

Other fun & interesting “Dad Facts”….

  • The rose is the official flower for Father’s Day – wearing a red rose signifies a living father, while a white one represents deceased father
  • It is believed that the word “Dad” dates back to as early as the sixteenth century
  • The first American president to support the concept of Father’s day was President Calvin Coolidge, who did so in 1924
  • The declaration of 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day was signed as a law, and made permanent, by President Richard Nixon, in the year 1972

(Father’s Day Facts)

Want to do something fun with Dad for his special day?  Here are ten family activities you might consider:

  1. Golf / mini golf
  2. Ball game
  3. Bowling
  4. Fishing
  5. Play catch
  6. Visit a historic site
  7. Bike ride
  8. Build something together
  9. Hiking
  10. Movie night

(Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day as a Family) 

Now, Father’s Day is about 4 weeks away, so there is plenty of time to decide on your plans for the day and what to get him as a great gift.   Here at Smittys Rancho we have some really nice things that would make the perfect gift for your Dad.   Let me show you a few now.

From Kaito we have these two great weather radios to keep Dad up too date on the latest news and weather

kaito weather radio    kaito voyager radio


And any Dad would love keeping his necessities in this genuine camo patterned leather Webers trifold wallet

weber wallet

Was he an extra good Dad and you need something really really special for him this year?  May I suggest you get him our Smittys Rancho Brand Compound Bow Tote in his favorite team colors – Awesome!   These handy holders include matching arrow holder and can be monogrammed with his initials for an extra special touch.

broncos  broncos set 2  broncos set 4

Also from Smittys Rancho Brand – the microwave bowl holder – not just for soup – try these out to keep his ice cream treat cold too!

set of three   his and hers  bowl holders

Or maybe something for Dad’s car?  Check out these neat items…

Frrom Realtree – the Camo Multi-tip Charger


And from Sawyer Products – the handy first aid kit

first aid kit

Make sure to visit our website – Smittys Rancho – for more Father’s Day ideas… and maybe a little something special for yourself… because you’ve been good this year too, haven’t you?

Until next time, have fun planning for your Father’s Day Event and we’ll see you soon.

Ree 2015


Smittys Rancho – 2015 Swimsuit Offerings

Well you know its spring in Ohio when your shorts and sweaters share the same weekly laundry basket… but seriously, now is the time to poke through your closet & drawers in search of your summer clothes to get them ready for the upcoming season of fun.

Nothing is worse than getting invited out on the boat for a weekend excursion and finding out that your swimsuit is too big, too small, falling apart, missing a piece, or some other crisis situation.  Sooo, I’m here to help you avoid that situation.

Here at Smittys Rancho, swimwear is our number one seller, just check out our January 11, 2015 blog post to see your favorites from 2014!    So it goes without saying that we all love camo swimwear, and who wouldn’t with all of the nice styles to choose from!

Let’s not waste any more time and let me show you some suits!

My personal favorite is the Wilderness Dreams Camouflage String Bikini in the Naked North Snow pattern.

Camo snow

You purchase all of our swimwear in separates, so you can mix and match all you like as well as getting that desired fit that you can’t get from the big box store.  All of the items shown below are sold separately… and they match!

By Wilderness Dreams – The Mossy Oak Break-Up with Pink Trim Separates

pink straps pink straps on mossy oak pink bow

pink bow and belt  belt and bandeau bikini pink Belted swim skort Camo board shorts Bandeau top



Also from Wilderness Dreams

WD_tankini_set__20480.1361661689.1280.1280   mossy oak bottoms

WD_MO_BREAKUP_HALTER__18787_1405456047_1280_1280    Capture


Feel free to browse, mix, match, and just have fun on the website…  and this summer all your friends will ask “Where’d you get your cute camo bathing suit?”

Until next time, happy shopping.

Ree 2015


Getting Ready for Summertime with Smittys Rancho

Well it is finally warming up here on the north coast and that means we are done hibernating and headed outdoors for some fun!   Since nobody wants to be caught without the right gear when it’s time to head out on the next adventure, here’s some ideas of what you might need to take with you.

Headed for the courts?  You’ll look super fashionable with this Smittys Rancho Camo Tennis Racquet Tote.   Made to order right here in Northeast Ohio, this roomy tote has a nice zippered compartment to stow and protect your racquet and an outside pocket to keep your keys or cell phone handy and accessible.

And while you’re on the court, keep your hair under control with the comfortable Smittys Rancho Camo Reversible Headband.   Available in many different colors, match one to your tote today.

tennis tote  tennis case   blue racquet tote Headband on foam head   completed

Maybe your day includes a trip to the beach… the Smittys Rancho Camo Tote Bag with Detachable Scarf is just the thing you need to tote your towel, sunscreen, and other items for your fun day in.  And the cute contrasting head scarf is just what you need to keep your hair out of that sunscreen.


Or if your hair is long and hard to control like mine you might need more than a scarf to keep it out of the sunscreen.  Pick up some of these stylish Bullet Barrettes and you are all set.


Now if you read our blogs on a regular basis you probably have an idea what I’m going to show you next… yes, hydration in the summertime is big, so make sure you’re prepared with one or both of these great insulated cups to keep your refreshing beverage cold.

pink trim camo travel mug

Webers Women’s Pink-trimmed Camo Leather Travel Mug

cup duo 

Cross Power Sin2Salvation Coffee Mug

Finally at the end of the day when it starts getting dark, flip on one of these slick neon lights and keep the party going.  Not just for indoors, these would be the perfect complement to any deck – just don’t forget to bring them in when everyone goes home at the end of the night!

There are two styles to choose from, Ducks Unlimited in green, and the Browning Buckmark in pink or yellow. Collect them all!

All three lights  Duck light  Deer light pink  Deer light yellow

We have a ton more things to help you gear up for summer so make sure to visit our website frequently.

Smittys Logo

Next time we’ll be talking about swimsuits, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Until then enjoy the weather – you know I will be.

Ree 2015

Introducing Muddy Girl Camo Items… for You!

Well the fun just keeps right on coming this spring here at Smittys Rancho. We are very happy to be adding some nice new handpicked Muddy Girl items to our product lineup at the store and online… with matching nails!

muddy girl descr

We know you are just going to love this sultry pinkish/purple pattern and the comfy items made from the fabric. Make sure to keep an eye on our website for the matching capri’s coming soon!

tank  tee  yoga pants

Want the matching Jamberry nail covers? Email us for information on how to get some.  These nail covers are really easy to apply and last for up to two weeks – awesome.


Only 83 days until the Gritty Chix Mud Run, are you coming with us? We’re gearing up to take the Smittys Rancho Girls on a road trip to Ace Adventure Resort for this annual charity event and we want to see you there!!

There will be fun, and mud, and fun, and food, and fun and campfires, and well… you get it.   Go to the Ace website to register and we’ll see you there.   Look for the Monster Safari in front of one of the cabin tents and you found Me! FUN!

cabin tent  monster safari

As promised, here are some new pictures of the store now that it is completed. Smittys Rancho and AJ Harris Tactical under one big roof – how cool is that?   Make sure to drop in and visit our new location at corner of Tremont and 1st Street – 143 1st St SE in Massillon 44646.

building 2  building outside 1  building 5  building 6

Also as promised, the new workshop where our Smittys Rancho Brand products are born – the home of ‘Ree in Stitches’.   Aside from the Smittys Rancho products designed and constructed here, there are many other fun and interesting projects going on all the time – check them out on my Facebook group page, maybe I can construct something for you.

workshop 1  workshop 2 workshop 3 

Ok, I think that’s all for now.    Remember – Muddy Girl capri’s coming soon so don’t miss them.

Thanks for coming and see you soon!

Ree 2015