Smittys Rancho – Girls just want to have Fun – OUTDOORS!!

We are so excited here in Ohio about the weather finally getting nicer, we almost don’t know how to act.  Now if it would stop raining for a minute…

Anyway when the weather finally clears we really DO know how to have a good time in these parts – and it all happens in the great outdoors.  Shanna Lea posted a really awesome list of outdoor activities that I thought I’d share with you in case you are running out of new ideas yourself…   pretty sure we’ll have to wait for snowboarding/snow skiing though… well, then again we are in Ohio…

Make a plan to try something new on the list this coming weekend!

  • Rock climbing
  • Horse riding – endurance races, roping, packing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking/backpacking
  • Camping
  • Mountain biking
  • Snowboarding/snow skiing
  • Gold prospecting
  • Search and rescue
  • Canoeing
  • Primitive or camp cooking
  • Guided hunts
  • Bird watching
  • Nature and wildlife photography
  • Falconry
  • Geocaching
  • Become a naturalist
  • Scuba diving
  • Rowing
  • Storm chasing
  • Goat packing
  • Llama trekking
  • Take a road trip
  • Cycling
  • Skeet shooting
  • Archery
  • Competition pistol shooting
  • Go primitive and learn primitive living skills
  • Get involved in historical re-enactments like Rendezvous or Medieval and Renaissance Fairs
  • Black powder competition shooting
  • Dog sports like bird hunting, agility, hiking, mushing, carting, or earthdog trials
  • Caving
  • Hang gliding

Now when we step outdoors we not only want to look good, we want to be comfortable enough to move freely about.  That’s why Smittys Rancho hand selects the clothing items we carry on our website just for our outdoor gals.

Late last year we introduced the Wilderness Dreams Activwear Line and they have been so well met, we’re expecting them to be one of this year’s best sellers.  This year?  Muddy Girl steps into the ring.


pants  WD_activewear_product_sportsbra_shorts2__60804_1406819899_1280_1280

  wd active wear pic

muddy girl descr

tank  yoga pants  tee

Now you can have two great looks for when you go out in pursuit of your next adventure.  And I know I mentioned it before but I have to remind you again because it is so cool –  Jamberry has Muddy Girl nails that match!  All you have to do is ask us about how to get them; we have a local distributor we work with to bring them to you.  Sweet!


For me personally, many of my outdoor adventures happen right in my own backyard every morning when my 11 year old Husky Sasha and I ‘make the rounds’.  Right now the blackberries are ripe so a bit of foraging might even accompany our walk…

sasha smile Sasha Smiling 🙂

What kind of adventures are you planning for the season?  Share them with us and all of the other Smittys Rancho fans – we’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, dress comfortably and have FUN!

Ree 2015



Smittys Rancho – Adding Another Item to the Camo Kitchen Collection!

Hi Everyone – Hope you all had a nice Father’s Day today, and for all you Dad’s out there  –   We Love Ya!

Today was also the very first day of summer 2015, and I don’t know about where you live but here in Northeast Ohio we had a mixed bag of rain, drizzle, clouds, sun, humidity, and there was even some fog very very early (before the birds were up)…  pretty much our usual here on the north coast.

As promised for June, it’s finally time to unveil the second of the four items that make up our Camo Kitchen Collection – Introducing the Microwave Plate Holder.

Our friends on Facebook already had the sneak peek last Tuesday, but the cat is all the way out of the bag now and they are ready to be added to the Smittys Rancho Brand offerings on our website.

plate holder blue white  plate holder pink blue

Pplate holder pink  plate holder pink 3

plate holder pink yellow white   plate holder pink yellow

 plate holders collection

plate holders pink blue

With a lower profile than our recently released bowl holder, this item is awesome for using to heat up a plate of food for one – or buy a set for the while family.  This is also great to set a chilled dish on to protect your food from the summer heat… Example – a nice Mandarin Orange and Almond Salad or a Waldorf.  Yummy!

two down

As with our bowl holders, the color and embroidery border possibilities are almost unlimited.

Embroidery Selection Chart    Color Selection Chart

You can purchase them all the same, or pick a different color for each member of your family – you decide what you want and just let us know.  Each set is custom made to your specifications so you will receive exactly what you want.

Our next item – #3 in the set – is scheduled to be released in August.   Make sure you watch for it because we will be leaving the microwave world behind us and checking out one of your other kitchen appliances – that’s all the hint you get for now.

Before I sign off, I am going to give you the answers to the Father’s Day “What Did that Dad Do” game we posted last week.

How did you do?

1)  Dennis the Menace E)  Engineer
2)  The Simpsons R)  Inspector at Nuclear Power Plant
3)  Eight is Enough F)  Newspaper Columnist
4)  Different Strokes S)  President of Trans Allied Inc.
5)  Father Knows Best I)  Insurance Agent
6)  Family Ties N)  TV Station Manager
7)  Happy Days P)  Hardware Store Owner
8)  Brady Bunch Q)  Architect
9)  Two and a Half Men K)  Chiropractor
10) Married  with Children L)   Shoe Salesman
11) Lost in Space B)   Astrophysicist
12) The Jefferson’s A)  Dry Cleaning Business Owner
13) Fresh Prince of Bellaire J)  Judge
14) The Walton’s C)  Sawmill Operator
15) The Cosby Show G)  OBGYN
16) American Dad T)  CIA Officer
17) King of the Hill D)  Propane Salesman
18) My Three Sons H)  Aeronautical Engineer
19) I love Lucy M)  Band Leader
20) The Rifleman O)  Rancher

Don’t forget to visit us at our website soon because we still have our bathing suit sale going on –  Smittys Rancho  and check us out on Facebook… I happen to know for a fact that a really fun competition is going to be posted to our Facebook page this coming week so make sure you don’t miss it – you could be the winner!

Smittys Rancho Facebook Page.

Till we meet again, stay cool and have fun!

Ree 2015

Smittys Rancho Presents – What Did that Dad Do?

Hi All,  it’s time to gather the family together to play “What Did that Dad Do?” in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day next weekend.

Here’s how it works… get a piece of paper and number 1 to 20.  Using the list below, match the TV show Dad’s on the left to their occupations on the shows listed on the right.  FUN!

You can play it as a team or every man for him/her self.   This game spans many many years of television so everybody should be able to get at least a couple on the list.

And while we’re on the subject of Dad’s, have you made your plans for YOUR Dad’s gift yet?  Don’t forget Smittys Rancho is not just for girls, we have great gifts for Dads too!  Order ASAP to get the gift delivered in time.

Father’s Day Ideas 1

Father’s Day Ideas 2

Now get out your pieces of paper and ID those TV Dads & their respective Jobs.  And no cheating with the cell phones, this is supposed to be interactive and fun!

1)  Dennis the Menace A)  Dry Cleaning Business Owner
2)  The Simpsons B)   Astrophysicist
3)  Eight is Enough C)  Sawmill Operator
4)  Different Strokes D)  Propane Salesman
5)  Father Knows Best E)  Engineer
6)  Family Ties F)  Newspaper Columnist
7)  Happy Days G)  OBGYN
8)  Brady Bunch H)  Aeronautical Engineer
9)  Two and a Half Men I)  Insurance Agent
10) Married  with Children J)  Judge
11) Lost in Space K)  Chiropractor
12) The Jefferson’s L)   Shoe Salesman
13) Fresh Prince of Bellaire M)  Band Leader
14) The Walton’s N)  TV Station Manager
15) The Cosby Show O)  Rancher
16) American Dad P)  Hardware Store Owner
17) King of the Hill Q)  Architect
18) My Three Sons R)  Inspector at Nuclear Power Plant
19) I love Lucy S)  President of Trans Allied Inc.
20) The Rifleman T)  CIA Officer

Well now that you have your lists made, I asked my husband if I should give you the answers today or make you wait until next week… His answer – “make them wait until next time like everyone else does” – ouch!  So guess what… since it IS Father’s Day next Sunday – I’ll post the answers for you then.

And to all you great Dad’s out there that drop in to check up and see what we ladies are up to here on the blog – have a great week and see you next time too.

Ree 2015



Smitys Rancho – Lots of things Happening!

Hopefully you get our Smittys Rancho newsletter but if not I’m going to do a brief recap because so many things are going on and we don’t want you to miss any of it.

First off we are having a 40% off sale on all bathing suits in stock – online and in person at our store in Massillon Ohio.  Just in time for summer – this big sale if the perfect time for you to grab one of these sweet camo suits!

All your friends will ask you ‘where’d you get that cute camo bathing suit?’

sale   WD_belted_swim_skirt__00025.1405456572.1280.1280  WD_MO_BREAKUP_HALTER__18787_1405456047_1280_1280  Camo snow

Next up, we’re just days away from the release of the second Camo Kitchen Collection item – find out soon what it is – you’re going to love it just as much as you love the camo microwave bowl holders…. And they will match perfectly.

camo collection pic

Last week we took a peek at our latest Smittys Rancho pretty pink sting backpack, and the week before we started thinking about Father’s Day ideas.

girls side view

single on the table

Did you order something cool for YOUR Dad yet?

kaito weather radio

And lastly, I don’t want to seem redundant but we really do want to see you at the Gritty Chix Mud Run next month.  There’s only 48 days until the Smittys Rancho Ladies take a road trip to Ace Adventure Resort in West Virginia to participate in the second annual mud run benefiting First Descents & Relay for Life.


If you have never been down to Ace, you MUST see this place.  Not only do they have the 5K mud run, they also have…

White water rafting

Zip lines

Swimming with inflatable toys & a 40’ slide


Giant chess board

Volleyball / tetherball

And a whole lot more J

The run is for a good cause… and almost as great – you get to meet all of us!!

Register here ->   Gritty Chix Mud Run

Hope we see you there.

Until next time, stay cool and have fun!

Ree 2015

Smittys Rancho – Bringing on the PINK!

Here at Smittys Rancho we love our ladies and want to give them those stand-out camo products that cannot be found elsewhere, so these last two weeks we have been busy designing something FUN for you and the girls.

Introducing our new pretty pink Smittys Rancho String Daypack!   Cute and roomy, these super lightweight day packs are just what you need to tote around your beach towel, a light lunch, toys for the kids – whatever you want!

Made right here in Northeast Ohio, the drawstring daypack is machine washable so you don’t have to worry if it gets all sandy at the beach.   Make sure to watch the Smittys Rancho Brand product line page on our website – these cute packs will be listed soon!

6 on the table  single on the table

girls by pond

girls side view

peeking into the pack

Our big girls here at Smittys Rancho  love them too!

And while we’re talking pink, here are some of our other pink camo items you might want to put in the cart with your new daypacks!

compound case 2  compound case

clutch  earring  bowl holder

Find all these awesome items on our website page – Smittys Rancho Brand Products  

Before I go, I wanted to remind you that the second item in the Smittys Rancho Camo Kitchen Collection is scheduled to be released in a few weeks – make sure you don’t miss it!

camo collection pic

Thanks for dropping in and see you next time!

Ree 2015