Smittys Rancho – The Mud Update

Well, this weekend seven ladies and yours truly participated in the Gritty Chix Mud Run Charity event representing Smittys Rancho at Ace Adventure Resort in Minden West Virginia.

Our founder and CEO (and birthday girl this past Friday) Jeannie Smith came in #6 of over three hundred female participants – way to go, woo hoo!

It all started with an informational meeting at 10 am Saturday in the huge tent seen in the picture below (I took this picture from our Monster Safari Van this morning as we were pulling out of the ‘hollow’ that our tent-cabin was nestled in).


Anyway, as we all gathered in the field behind the Welcome Center to get the run started, we were surprised to see that they had a camera drone overhead filming us – fun!

They had told us in the meeting that there would be two ‘more difficult’ inclines on the mountain sides, and several obstacles and wooded paths to traverse before we actually got to the mud pit area at the end… so we all started off with high spirits and a lot of joking up that first incline they spoke of.

The first obstacles we came to were two mud boggy areas with camo type fabric netting hung low overhead.  Most of us made it through pretty clean, but in a fit of laughter one or two slipped and were christened with black mud right away.

As we kept going there was a lot of really gorgeous scenery, and at one point we came out of the woods to a wide vista overlooking trees and several hilled inclines coming together at the same place – it was breathtaking and we paused momentarily before pressing on.

Shortly after that we encountered ‘the tube’ which was angled down a slope – so on our bottoms we slid down into mud which was piled in the tube to slow us down before exiting – I actually got my hands dirty on that one.

Then up up up up through the woods again, and though it was not muddy or slippery, we had to be very careful where we stepped because there was a lot of loose rocks – some of which could easily twist an ankle.  Not sure if you have ever been to West Virginia but there are some super steep inclines, so along this path there were also several areas that dropped off a couple hundred feet to our left.  Scary!

We progressed pretty uneventfully until we got to the mud pit/run part of the course.  I had totally expected to have to put on a life jacket and helmet like I had seen in the pictures from last year but we did not.

The first part of the course had us belly crawling under some screening through the mud to get to the other side… three of us were together at this point, and with some trepidation we all went for it, and the smell… I tell you it was pretty yuk.

Throughout the muddy course, there was a rope wall to get over, a slide ‘triangle’ to climb up one side and slide down the other side, some tires on the ground to navigate our way through, open tubes to struggle our way up, two areas that we walked on a log across water (first one) and mud (second one), and several other challenges.

Unfortunately we lost one of our team at the first log that extended across the water – she went skidding off the side and hit her knee on a rock that was in the water below – ouch!     (I would sooo recommend removing that rock)… after making sure she had assistance getting back.  We then pressed on through the stinky mud until we once again hit the trail that took us through the woods that headed towards the finish line.

The remaining two of us (me and my niece) ended up finishing closer to last, but we had a dirty-good-time, and the others were kind enough to heartily cheer us on as we finally reached the finish line.

Here’s the “clean” picture of six of the team, (sorry it’s not all eight of us -guess you’ll have to imagine my niece and me in there) and hopefully we will be able to scrounge up some muddy pictures of all of us for next week’s entry – that ought to be pretty funny!   The nice folks at Ace said they will be posting pictures from the event on their website sometime this coming week.   We were seriously & un-recognizably dirty at the end of this one folks 🙂

smitty girls


All in all, everyone had a good time, and of course the event was for charity so that makes us happy knowing we contributed.

Here’s the finish line and the link to the Ace page where they will probably post the muddy pictures if you want to watch for them.

finish line

Until next time, I need Advil and sleep ASAP because in a few short hours – it’s MONDAY!  Noooo…

Thanks bunches for stopping in and we’ll have more on this and other fun stuff next time.

Ree 2015

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Smittys Rancho – On Girls & Guns

“The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun.”  (P.G. Wodehouse)

smith and wesson blue shirt

From Rolling Stone Magazine to PBS, girls and guns have been the topic of many an article and discussion.

Some Interesting Facts about Girls and Guns:

  • Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Belle Starr, and Pearl Hart were notorious gun carrying frontier/pioneer ladies – the latter two of who were outlaws (Women Of The Wild West)
  • There’s a “Gun Glossary for Women” that helps to de-mystify the subject for ladies that are interested in the subject  (Gun Glossary) 
  • “ There are a growing number of Facebook groups for women huntresses and firearm enthusiasts like  “Females with Firearms


Here at Smittys Rancho we believe Girls & Guns are a great match, that’s why we have hand selected some awesome handbags just for you and your weapon from Gun Tote’n Mamas.

Here are some of the many bags from Gun Tote’n Mamas we carry in our store and on our website!

leopard bag


leopard duo

classsic 1classic 2


Whatever your style, wild or a little more conservative, Smittys Rancho has a CC handbag or tote just for you – check them all out on our website.     Smittys Rancho CC Purses  

And if you are interested in the rich heritage of Girls & Guns and want to learn more, check out some of the titles I found below.

Some Other Great ‘Girls & Guns’ Reading Material:

Blown Away: American Women and Guns by Caitlin Kelly    

The Well Armed Woman Website    

Silk and Steel: Women at Arms by R.L. Wilson

“It Was 20 Years Ago Today”: A History Women & Guns in Covers

“Foxwell: Tips for Women Buying their First Handgun” 


Well that’s all for the moment – don’t forget to catch the Smittys Rancho Ladies live and in person at the Gritty Chix Mud Run next weekend down at Ace Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

Past Informational Article Here:  Hitting the Road

Until next time, be safe with your weapons & have a great week!

Ree 2015





The Ladies of Smittys Rancho – Hitting the Road!!

muddy ladies


Well, it’s almost time folks, only two more weeks until the ladies of Smittys Rancho – 8 of us – hit the road and head south to Ace Adventure Resort in West Virginia for the Second Annual Gritty Chix Mud Run for charity – Relay for Life & First Descents.

It’s still not too late for you to register and join us there… and guess what – we have not one but TWO birthdays in the Smittys Rancho family that weekend, so Friday night – July 24 – we will be hosting a Meet & Greet Birthday Party at our bunkhouse!  FUN!

Because of our jobs, our families, and our generally busy lives, it’s not too often we get to sneak away and have some fun all together as a group, so we are really looking forward to this planned weekend and doing something nice for these two great charities.

We’ll be posting pictures from the event when we get back, but we really hope you will come and join us to be a part of the fun – and the pictures!   Hey, I’m bringing chocolate birthday cake – what more inspiration do you need?

In other news, only a few more weeks until item #3 of the Smittys Rancho Camo Kitchen Collection is released… now what could it be??   Shhh, not going to tell – you have to wait – but I guarantee you are going to want one… or maybe two!

two down

Going to sign off now but I hope you’re all having a great summer this far, and I also hope you are having better weather than we are here in Northeast Ohio – it has been raining and raining and raining… and more rain… you get it.    Never a dry moment, sigh.

Take care and see you soon – in WV!

Ree 2015


Smittys Rancho – Snow in July? Of Course…

Here in Ohio jokes are constantly being made about the weather because it can be pretty erratic at best, and pretty dramatic at worst… so snow in July would probably not surprise any of us in the least around these parts.

Luckily that’s not the kind of snow we’re talking about today.  This week we’re going to talk about CAMO snow!

I don’t know about you but I just love the white camo patterns that are sprinkled across the pages of our Smittys Rancho website so much we decided to put them in the spotlight.   Let’s start out with our very own Smittys Rancho products that you can buy in white camo.

First out – the Smittys Rancho Compound Bow and Arrow Cases – YES!   There are so many different color combinations I’m sure we’ve got a favorite for every huntress out there.

turq_bow_and_arrow_case__89036.1397248865.1280.1280  10411300_816562951758542_6967264171583738854_n  10919008_817676858313818_8588621811628186391_n  blue_bow_tote5__49854.1404042458.1280.1280  1908424_811038695644301_1021698350644533448_n

And how about these sweet Smittys Rancho Bow Clutches?    Compact, cute, and such fun you’ll want to have one of each color.

10600651_749653755116129_2143483439546545550_n  clutch

Newly released for 2015 – check out the microwave plate and bowl holders in white from our Smittys Rancho Camo Kitchen Collection… with two more matching products to be released before the end of the year, your kitchen will be the best dressed spot on the block. 10432144_865581603523343_8862067298368133223_n 



So you want to wear some snow this summer?   Awesome – get a great price on our Wilderness Dreams String Bikini in white right now….

Camo snow

Or how about some cool and comfortable loungewear?  We have a great selection you won’t want to miss.

henlwy  1  5  4  3  2

Last thing I’ll share today – and yeah it’s not white, but they’re FUN – PINK snow!  Newly released last month, these delightful Smittys Rancho string backpacks share the same pattern as the white snow, but on a pink background – wow, now that’s something you really need to add to your summer gear.

pink backpack  girls by pond  single on the table  girls side view

Whatever you’re doing for July – don’t forget to add some snow… because we all know Christmas comes in July as well as in December these days, right?

Until next time – stay cool and have FUN!

Ree 2015