Smittys Rancho – Passing the Torch… It’s Time to Grow….


Well folks, it is with some sadness that today I submit my final entry into the Smittys Rancho blog.   Since February of 2014 I have tried my best to inform as well as entertain our audience, and I would like to think I have done so adequately… but I need to move on in respect for my own plans for the future.

Not many of you know it, but I have been quietly growing a sewing business for the last two or so-ish years… and while I didn’t actually plan to have a business, I guess it just kind of evolved from something I considered a hobby at first.   Now I am considering it my retirement plan… since we all have a pretty good clue how it is going to go with social security when it’s our turn – yep.

I am also involved in a very interesting and important recycling project in the oil and gas industry as project manager, researcher, and social media content developer (this helps pay for some pretty bad-azz sewing equipment I now own in my sewing workshop I might add).

So with all this going on, I feel that it is time to back off my involvement with Smittys Rancho and focus on my own doings – not because I don’t love you all (because you know I do).   I will still be making all of the awesome bow cases and other Smittys Rancho gear you love, but the social media end will have to be passed along to someone else.   My apologies.

Borrowing words from Thomas Edison… “If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”    I’m ready to go astound myself now – but before I do, I wanted to show you my very favorite products I have constructed (and designed in some cases) in my sewing workshop for all of you lucky Smittys Rancho fans & customers over the last two years.

Here they are….

bowls 3

1924350_683016875113151_7577275902816439798_n   10432144_865581603523343_8862067298368133223_n  18259_869463239801846_425997321670420804_n

plate holder pink yellow white

girls side view

tote 1





camo headband

There are dozens more items we carry that I just love, but I have to get going here – owning a small business is not always as easy or fun as it sounds – but you can find all of the great Smittys Rancho products seen above by clicking on any of the pictures.

Thanks for having me and it has been a pleasure (and FUN) meeting and hearing from you as well as exploring all kinds of cool topics each week.

Come visit me on Facebook if you’re so-inclined… look for “Ree in Stitches” and you found me!  I have a group page as well as a business page… and FYI the group page is where all the fun things happen 😉

Take care – Ree 2015



Smittys Rancho – Camo Kitchen Collection – Product #3 – Coming soon!

We know camo is one of your favorite things so that’s why we have put it together with pretty colors and awesome embroidered borders to make the most attractive kitchen items we’ve seen on the market.

Item number three is scheduled to be released soon and we wanted to give you the opportunity to catch up on your own Kitchen Camo Collection before number three hits the shelves.

In review I’m going to show you where we are with the collection so far below – enjoy!

two down

   10432144_865581603523343_8862067298368133223_n  plate holder pink blue  plate holder pink 3  plate holder pink yellow  plate holder pink yellow white  bowl holders  his and hers bowls 1 measuring your bowl  Color Selection Chart  Embroidery Selection Chart  bowls 3


Now if you are not seeing the color combo you want to see here, by all means ask us and you shall receive.  We make each item especially for you and your kitchen when you order, so you know you get exactly what you want.

Keep your eyes on the website and we’ll have the new item up for you soon!

Smittys Rancho Camo Kitchen Collection

Have a great week and see you next time!

Ree 2015

Smittys Rancho Discovers ‘The Cornered Cat’

So I was thinking about guns today and just out of curiosity I ran a Google search engine on ‘gun care’…. and there were about 86,600,000 results (in 0.38 seconds).  Wow!

One in particular caught my eye – in the third position – a site called “The Cornered Cat”.   Cat???   Interesting.

So I clicked it and was taken to a very interesting article by a woman named Kathy Jackson who brought up several valid points about guns and their care.   How often should you clean your weapon?  Every time you fire it, once a month, twice a year?  She answers all in a comprehensive very understandable language with illustrations and recommendations for what you should have in a basic cleaning kit, etc.

Read it here – Gun Cleaning 101

Well after reading the article, I poked around more in the website – little did I know I had stumbled upon a really awesome resource that I sooo have to share with all of you right now.

In big letters on the home page is:  If you have to fight… Fight like a cornered cat.

Quotable Quote     This site is about women and guns, not about cats. But in a way, it’s about the cornered cat in all of us. It’s about the determination to get away from an attacker if you need to. It’s about making the decision to say, “Not me. Not mine. Not today.” And it’s about the tools to make that decision stick.”

I don’t know about you, but this gal sounds like my kind of people, so I had to visit her FB page via the link on the site and liked what I saw there also.


I’m not going to spoil your exploration by giving away everything on the site, but I will tell you it’s definitely worth a peek – The Cornered Cat


And while we are on the subject of weapon care and such, here are some choice cases you might be interested in purchasing from our Smittys Rancho website to house and protect YOUR weapon!

The KNJ Pistol Cases

knj pistol  knj pistol 2

Shady Lady Small Brocade Pistol Cases

sl brocade

Shady Lady Large Camo Pistol Case

sl camo

Shady Lady Small Camo Pistol Case

sl sm cam

Well, that’s all for now – hope you enjoy exploring Kathy’s awesome website & our nice selection of pistol cases.

See you next time!

Ree 2015

Smittys Rancho – Shouting out to our Friends at AJ Harris Tactical

Hi Everyone,

Surprise and welcome to our new posting day of the week.  I am trying a little social media experiment to see if the day of the week we post on the blog affects how many folks drop in to see us – I’ll keep you “Posted” (yep, lame pun…) on the results.

Anyway… when we moved the Smittys Rancho store back in April, we did a brief mention of the fact that our store shares a building with Harris Tactical down in the heart of Massillon Ohio, and we added a couple pictures (see the post here – Smittys Rancho – Big Doings Going On!).

Since we didn’t really go into much depth about them in April (and since they currently have a BIG SALE going on that you might like to know about…) I wanted to take a moment to re-introduce you to them, and give you the update on what’s happening in the building right now because it is very exciting for them, and for us here at Smittys Rancho.


This afternoon I had a chance to drop in at the building and I was truly amazed at how much work has been done, and what all is going on since the last time I was in there.

In addition to the CC classes, guns & ammo, hunting and fishing licenses and more, they are now tearing down walls and working on constructing a state of the art indoor shooting range.  How cool is that?

That particular area of downtown Massillon in my opinion has been needing something to ‘liven it up’ for a while now, I’m pretty darn sure this project is going to do just that.

Here are some pictures borrowed from their Facebook page to give you a feel for some of their products and the current construction project.

wall 2  wall  aj1  aj2  aj4  aj3

AJ Harris Tactical Web Page

AJ Harris Tactical Facebook Page 

We hope you will visit their websites as well as come down to see both of our companies under the same roof soon.

There’s always something interesting going on at The Citadel (that is what the building was named in 1953 when it was dedicated to house The Salvation Army).

citadel   map

Before I sign off, I had to add this picture from the AJ Harris Facebook page because I like it so much.

old time sign

Until next time, enjoy the weather & check out our Smittys Rancho Facebook page for more Gritty Chix Mud Run fun from a couple weekends ago – there is video from the event posted there!

Ree 2015