A New Beginning

Smitty’s Rancho blog is taking on a new look!

We’ll have recipes (for the game you harvest), video’s and photo’s (of the outdoor games and sports we play (and harvest)), the clothes we like to play in, and the people we like to hang out with. From time to time we’ll post new products we’re excited about, new places to visit, and new adventures we embrace.

So, to start I wanted to share with you what I do to stay in shape so I’ll be as strong as possible to play outside when the opportunity arises. It’s called ReZist, a brand new form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout developed by Gino Caccavale in New York, http://www.canyourezist.com/gino

but brought to our area by Theresa McFadden. An awesome strength training, core training and cardio workout all rolled into 1/2 hour, and I love it! https://www.facebook.com/jaguarmetcon


What do you do on those days when you can’t get out, but really, really want to?

I’ve found that some of my favorite workout clothes come right out of Smitty’s Rancho!




4 WD_activewear_product_sportsbra_shorts2__60804_1406819899_1280_1280Wilderness_Dreams_RacerBackTankTopandShorts_pink__64429.1385497663.1280.1280 (1)

 Enjoy your weekend!



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