To Conceal or Not to Conceal

My hubby and I struggled for several years about the decision to get our Concealed Carry Licenses, but after considering questions like (1) Why? (2) How? (3) When?, not to mention the Social, Legal and Moral issues, we finally agreed to take the plunge. So a few years back we signed up with our daughter and a friend to take the course. We chose a reputable and highly recommended NRA Instructor who we felt would not only teach the safe handling, but the technical and legal issues of carrying a weapon. He even addressed the current Social implications, and took us down the very personal road of moral issues. At the time it was a 12 hour course, with 10 hours of class time and 2 hours of range time. I believe it’s been reduced to a 10 hour course, but be sure to check with your local instructors. Being fairly experienced gun handlers already, we still found the whole experience to be completely enjoyable and ultra informative. I recommend you look into a Concealed Carry Weapons course even if you’re not prepared to get your license yet.

Shopping for my firearm was fun and I settled on my Charter Arms Chic Lady .38 Revolver. It’s pink! It’s quick and easy to load, and ready to fire at a moment’s notice. charter_chic_lady_38spl_1 The very next thing I did was pick out a CCW purse. On the Smitty’s Rancho Site we have unique, hand made Concealed Carry Totes like the one below.


We have some very affordable,blingy, cool, and updated styles like this Montana West,

top_stitched_studded_large_purse_turquoise__27149.1395248632.1280.1280 , but the one I finally chose on that day was this multi-purpose go-with-everything Gun Tote’n Mama’s Legacy Handbag for it’s classis beauty, suede and leather construction and roomy-ness, as well as the holster that is included in every Gun Tote’n Mama’s Concealed Carry Tote. :

So, the question remains: Have you taken the plunge to get your Concealed Carry License or are you still contemplating? Whatever your answer is I hope I have provided you with a little more info.

TTFN (TaTa For Now),