SmittysRancho.com began in my mind at ShotShow 
2012. The show was impressive and enlightening, as I realized that there were very few 
(less than 10) manufacturers of hunting or sporting clothes and 
accessories for women, in a sea of thousands for men.

I was impressed with the quality and feminine cut of the outdoor 
clothing in the Prois line.

The concealed carry handbags and purses made by GunTotenMamas 
are quality leather and fun and affordable fabrics.

Montana West purses and handbags add camo and bling, and many of 
them are concealed carry, too.  Wallets and flip flops with camo and 
bling!  Can’t go wrong!

Webers’ Wilderness Dreams line of lingerie, loungewear and 
swimwear included many of the sweet patterns in camouflage that 
I’d been admiring over the years.

KNJ produces so many colors and beautiful patterns in rifle cases, 
range and gun bags, and was a relief to see in the vast ocean of
olive drab green surrounding us. Pink trimmed camouflage luggage 
caught my attention as we made our way around the 4-day-long 
trade show.

One tiny little kiosk with brass casing earrings caught my attention, 
and my interest in bullet jewelry has increased ever since.Lizzy J’s 
and Anjelisia’s are good quality, affordable and different!

Of the many responsibilities women have, survival of our children 
and loved ones is a primary consideration. Therefore, my website 
had to include Wise freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, Sawyer 
water filtration systems and Kaito weather radios.

The next question I needed to address was what to 
name the website. The whole family became involved at this point, 
and we all agreed on it’s name. My father- and mother-in-law built 
a little home in the hills of Ohio in the 1940s and named it Smittys 
Rancho. They raised 2 children, cows, chickens, dogs, cats, and 
most of their food.
Dad Smith passed away at the age of 62, but 
Mom is still with us and still taking care of her property.

In honor of Dad we named the website after his hand-built home.

Thanks for helping 
us honor them and thanks for visiting! 

Old fashioned values, ideals and independent living…

Now go outside and play!


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