Cheers Everyone!!! Saint Patty’s Day is just around the corner and I am so happy because Shamrock shakes are delicious :p lol.  Those little 3 leaf clovers supposedly were used to symbolize the “Holy Trinity” encompassing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  How did that become a minty frothy cup of green goodness???

What else do you think of when you hear of St. Patrick’s Day? What about the other green beverage so adamantly consumed with this holiday?  That’s right, I’m referring to your good old green beer.  Now this one I get…kinda.  First off, the color green…said by some to represent Catholosism in Ireland and by others to be reminiscent of the lush tall grassy fields of their land.  greenbeerAnd secondly, Beer. Okay so fun fact: Arthur Guiness signed a 9000 year lease in 1759 for the over 60 acres of the Guiness Brewery which is the world’s largest stout brewery.  Ireland is populated by over 4.75 million people who each on average consume 369 12oz. vessels of beer yearly.  That is over 1.3 billion pints of beer sold to a country a little larger than the state of West Virginia, on a yearly basis….Insane!!! So, if we put 2 and 2 together we find we drink green beer once a year to celebrate the lushyness of the Irish fields of grass and the people (HA!). Okay, no offense meant C:. I personally know a non lushy and fabulous partially Irish girl that will probably want to toss something at me when she reads this…and she doesn’t even like beer! 😀 But to all of you that do, raise your glass. Sláinte!

blarney   What else comes to mind?  How about the word blarney? Supposedly, this word was said to have been used by Queen Elizabeth in the 1400s when referring to Comac MacCarthy because he could deceive people without offending them in his letters.  This practice dubbed both his Castle and the Blarney Stone.  The stone was said to have been cut from the same type of rock that makes up Stonehenge and people have visited the castle for centuries to try to hang up side down to kiss it hopes to be blessed with the gift of gab.  The stone itself was, in story, introduced to MacCarthy by a witch that he saved from drowning and has quite a history of its’own.  I have to admit… I would like to kiss the Blarney Stone some day but can you imagine how many pairs of lips have been on that thing!!?!! ({})  C3  ({}) Ahhhh!

leprechaun Some people might think of leprechauns when they hear Saint Patrick’s holiday is coming up.  These little green clad shoemakers are said to be derived from a small bodied fairy that drinks too much. Poor little chaps! Supposedly, You only have to listen to the hills for the sound of their little hammers tinkering and merry singing to catch one and blackmail them into forking over their pot of gold in exchange for the little Irish dudes’ freedom.  I don’t know about ya’ll but I would be very hesitant to kidnap a… uhhh.. being and then try to barter their freedom back to them.  That just seems so wrong on so many levels.  Plus,  they kinda seem a little creepy to thanks!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my Saint Patty’s special and while I don’t know how to segue into Smittysrancho with this one, I was able to learn and share all of these tidbits with you today because my wonderful Mommy (the owner) of believes in my sharing and communicating abilities.  I assure you, this company was created with the hopes of not only success but bringing my family closer together while providing a Christian based shop for gun, camo and wilderness enthusiasts to easily find their needs.  Every person should have and try to attain their own goals in life. is one such goal for my family and if you believe in supporting a family run small business with wonderful personal customer service and the willingness to provide the best, for the best, i urge you to visit the site right now.  Plus, this is exceptional timing as almost every piece of women’s clothing in the entire wilderness dreams line up is on sale.  In closing, however you choose to spend your Saint Patrick’s Day, take this with you: Wherever you go and whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish be there with you.



Introducing Muddy Girl Camo Items… for You!

Well the fun just keeps right on coming this spring here at Smittys Rancho. We are very happy to be adding some nice new handpicked Muddy Girl items to our product lineup at the store and online… with matching nails!

muddy girl descr

We know you are just going to love this sultry pinkish/purple pattern and the comfy items made from the fabric. Make sure to keep an eye on our website for the matching capri’s coming soon!

tank  tee  yoga pants

Want the matching Jamberry nail covers? Email us for information on how to get some.  These nail covers are really easy to apply and last for up to two weeks – awesome.


Only 83 days until the Gritty Chix Mud Run, are you coming with us? We’re gearing up to take the Smittys Rancho Girls on a road trip to Ace Adventure Resort for this annual charity event and we want to see you there!!

There will be fun, and mud, and fun, and food, and fun and campfires, and well… you get it.   Go to the Ace website to register and we’ll see you there.   Look for the Monster Safari in front of one of the cabin tents and you found Me! FUN!

cabin tent  monster safari

As promised, here are some new pictures of the store now that it is completed. Smittys Rancho and AJ Harris Tactical under one big roof – how cool is that?   Make sure to drop in and visit our new location at corner of Tremont and 1st Street – 143 1st St SE in Massillon 44646.

building 2  building outside 1  building 5  building 6

Also as promised, the new workshop where our Smittys Rancho Brand products are born – the home of ‘Ree in Stitches’.   Aside from the Smittys Rancho products designed and constructed here, there are many other fun and interesting projects going on all the time – check them out on my Facebook group page, maybe I can construct something for you.

workshop 1  workshop 2 workshop 3 

Ok, I think that’s all for now.    Remember – Muddy Girl capri’s coming soon so don’t miss them.

Thanks for coming and see you soon!

Ree 2015

Hot in Here! New Year Sales for Camo and Outdoor Women’s Wear

That’s not something you hear often when the temperature outside is -2 degrees! Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and these SmittysRancho deals are smokin’! It IS hot in here.

This brand-new listing is being reduced to $6.49!
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 3.44.46 PM

Ask the ladies here at SmittysRancho how much they like their Prois Sherpa vests and they’ll all tell you they love them. But there’s only two of these Discontinued Prois Sherpa vests left, so act fast! Now only $99.49

Every KNJ pistol case, rug, holster or accessory is on sale!

And this is a great deal on Wilderness Dreams!

Smitty’s Rancho Gift Guide

Smitty’s Rancho Gift Guide

Just wanted to get this out before the Holiday Rush is on! Stay at home and shop in your most comfortable clothes (or not) in front of the fire or on your porch @

10% off ALL Wilderness Dreams, KNJ Rifle Cases and ALL Purses with Coupon Code 938747C3F467614 now through December 2013.

Wilderness Dreams Loungewear, Lingerie and Casual Wear

KNJ Rifle, Gun Cases and Pistol Rugs

Purses and Handbags

Camo: It’s Not Just for Hunting Anymore!

Smitty’s Rancho Camo Tennis Tote
With it’s beautiful True Timber MC2 Snow Camo with bright yellow accents or Mossy Oak Infinity with turquoise trim, I’m walking in style onto the tennis courts. The practical side is the pockets on the front and back for cell phones, keys, etc., and very affordable. Pre-order yours on! Game on!

Wilderness Dreams Tankini Top
The fabric dries quickly, keeps its’ shape, is cool and beautiful. A built-in bra eliminates the need for any other support, so this top is perfect for days at the gym, in the pool, in a kayak, on the court, or even as a camisole underneath your long-sleeved top for layering warmth.

Rolling Duffel Bag with Pink Trim
Camo and pink has been hitting the fashion shows big-time lately, so don’t be left behind without this pretty rolling duffel.  Zippers and pockets keep everything safe and secure, durable fabric, wheels, and handle will get you through the airport without hassle, and it’s carry-on size, too!

Weber’s Womens Tri-Fold Wallet
A beautiful compliment to my purse is this camo wallet with pink trim from Weber’s. Lots of compartments for credit cards, change and bills. Even stuffed full it zips and snaps shut.

Shady Lady Rifle Cases with Shell Pockets
The patterns available in the oh-so-pretty rifle cases made by Shady Lady Shooting must be seen to be fully appreciated. The shell pocket on the outside is not just for shotshells, ladies. Keys, driver’s license, etc., will fit. The inside is soft and cushiony to protect your firearm.

Camouflage Fabric Designs: What Would You Name Them?

I took my walkabout early this morning before I went to the office. The air was crisp, the sun was just peeking over the horizon, and the leaves are just beginning to show the colors of Autumn. I got to thinking it would be great to see these patterns in camouflage fabric. What would you name them?

Sun-Kissed Grass

Hydrangea Puddles

Shades of Shade

Green Veins

Water Lilies

Looking Up

What would you name these patterns? Tell me in the comments below! And be sure to visit our website at for the latest in camo.

The Best of Wilderness Dreams

“Whaatt?” – That was my response when someone asked me to pick my favorite Wilderness Dreams pieces. I love them all!! So these are my ­most-worn, most versatile and most comfortable pieces.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Pink Belted Swim Skort

I wear this little skirt for everything! I swim in it, play tennis in it, wear it to the mall, hang out in it at home, and play volleyball in it. It’s designed with comfort in mind and doesn’t ride up whether you’re running full speed ahead for the save on the court, or lazying around on a lounge chair or pool chair. The low hip line keeps me feel fully covered, but still stylish. I get lots of comments on this!

Wilderness Dreams Naked North Snow Lace Boy Short Pantie

There just can’t be enough said about the comfort of these little boy short panties. The non-roll elastic keeps the legs and waistline in place without sacrificing looks. They come in four different patterns of camouflage and are completely invisible under clingy slacks, leggings or dresses.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Cargo Board Shorts

My hubby and son-in-law both wear these shorts everywhere. The perfect swimsuit, dress shorts (they really look spiffy with a nice golf shirt), golf-or-tennis shorts, with their deep cargo pockets and comfortable non-roll waistband. They dry really fast, and keep looking new wash after wash.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Hoodie
With the weather turning cooler here in the Northeast I find myself reaching for my hoodies. Probably the most worn in our family of girls is this camouflage that ranges from sizes XS – XXL, so the youngest ladies can wear it right along with the oldest, and we all love the shape-defining quality of the cut and fit.

Wilderness Dreams Pink trimmed Camouflage Distressed Cap
I can’t write about Wilderness Dreams without mentioning my ball cap! Again, I wear it for everything, whether hitting tennis balls (of course), camping, a casual day shopping, cycling or watching an outdoor sport. Completely adjustable, so I’ve had to “share” it with the granddaughters, who will be getting their very own this Christmas.

Wilderness Dreams Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage Capri
These capri’s make the perfect lounge pants, pajamas or cover-up for a swimsuit, or a casual trip to the store. The low-rise waist makes them “sit” in the perfect spot and the elastic in the legs allows you to adjust the length according to your comfort zone. Can’t wait for a cool fall morning with my coffee cup with these on!