Smittys Rancho Discovers ‘The Cornered Cat’

So I was thinking about guns today and just out of curiosity I ran a Google search engine on ‘gun care’…. and there were about 86,600,000 results (in 0.38 seconds).  Wow!

One in particular caught my eye – in the third position – a site called “The Cornered Cat”.   Cat???   Interesting.

So I clicked it and was taken to a very interesting article by a woman named Kathy Jackson who brought up several valid points about guns and their care.   How often should you clean your weapon?  Every time you fire it, once a month, twice a year?  She answers all in a comprehensive very understandable language with illustrations and recommendations for what you should have in a basic cleaning kit, etc.

Read it here – Gun Cleaning 101

Well after reading the article, I poked around more in the website – little did I know I had stumbled upon a really awesome resource that I sooo have to share with all of you right now.

In big letters on the home page is:  If you have to fight… Fight like a cornered cat.

Quotable Quote     This site is about women and guns, not about cats. But in a way, it’s about the cornered cat in all of us. It’s about the determination to get away from an attacker if you need to. It’s about making the decision to say, “Not me. Not mine. Not today.” And it’s about the tools to make that decision stick.”

I don’t know about you, but this gal sounds like my kind of people, so I had to visit her FB page via the link on the site and liked what I saw there also.


I’m not going to spoil your exploration by giving away everything on the site, but I will tell you it’s definitely worth a peek – The Cornered Cat


And while we are on the subject of weapon care and such, here are some choice cases you might be interested in purchasing from our Smittys Rancho website to house and protect YOUR weapon!

The KNJ Pistol Cases

knj pistol  knj pistol 2

Shady Lady Small Brocade Pistol Cases

sl brocade

Shady Lady Large Camo Pistol Case

sl camo

Shady Lady Small Camo Pistol Case

sl sm cam

Well, that’s all for now – hope you enjoy exploring Kathy’s awesome website & our nice selection of pistol cases.

See you next time!

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Planning for the Worst – Concealing and Carrying Your Firearm

The area I live in is something of a cross between country and city dwelling.  The three acres I call home sits atop a large hill and is one of the highest points in our county.  It is also less than eight miles from some rather dangerous crime and drug neighborhoods, though you would never be able to tell that from sitting on my patio by the garden on a nice summer day.

One of the best things about living on the outskirts of a city is that you can have your space, but you can also be in town in less than fifteen minutes if you need to shop or want to go out.    Another great feature of my area is the relative safety being away from town provides.   My husband has owned the property since 2005, and during that time he has never had any incident. However, when I moved in I have to admit I acutely noticed how remote the house is, and as usual, locked the door every night and when we would leave to go someplace… much to his amusement..

Men, they don’t have to be quite as cautious as we ladies do mainly because they provide more of a challenge to someone that has intent to do harm.   I have noticed several of my single lady friends have taken to carrying firearms to protect themselves in the event of a confrontation, but their biggest complaints are it interferes with the other stuff in their purse, or they would probably not be able to get to it quick enough to help their situation because of things in the way.

Besides proper training, accessibility of your weapon is one of the most important things to plan ahead for.  If you look at most ladies purses, they normally have one or two small pockets on the outside for keys, phone, and other such items, and a big interior compartment where everything else is jumbled into a mess.  “I know it’s here somewhere”… in the line at the grocery store is very common.

So what do you do to remedy this concern?

Smitty’s Rancho can help.  There’s a full line of ‘concealed carry purses’ on their website that you just have to see if you are worried about accessibility in the event of an emergency.  With special built in pockets for your firearm, you won’t find yourself fumbling around when you need it most.


For those of us that travel light, there’s the ‘Concealed Carry Flat Sac Shoulder Bag’ from “Gun Tote’n Mamas”.  This purse comes in both red and tan.


For Mommies and other ladies that need to carry a lot of things when they’re on the go, here’s the ‘Concealed Carry Legacy Hand Bag’ also from “Gun Tote’n Mamas”.


Lastly, if ‘bling’ is your thing…. You’ll love this pretty ‘Montana West’ –  “Turquoise Concealed Carry Purse with Wave”.

Whatever your style, Smitty’s Rancho has a CC purse to meet your needs.  Remember – accessibility is important so don’t get caught having to hunt inside your purse while someone hunts you!       

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Smitty’s Rancho Gift Guide

Smitty’s Rancho Gift Guide

Just wanted to get this out before the Holiday Rush is on! Stay at home and shop in your most comfortable clothes (or not) in front of the fire or on your porch @

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Wilderness Dreams Loungewear, Lingerie and Casual Wear

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Purses and Handbags

A Recurring Nightmare and Why I Carry a Weapon

A Recurring Nightmare and Why I Carry a Weapon

I’m driving along a long stretch of highway with my kids in the backseat, sometime in the middle of the night.

They’ve been asleep, but 1 stirs and tells me he has to go pee. I could use a break, too, so I stop the car at an overnight gas station to fill up the car and empty our bladders.

The kids are just tots so I have to take them both with me to the Ladies room. I have to get the key from the guy at the counter first, so I carry one of the kids, still groggy from sleep, and the other one is struggling to free his fingers from my hand.

I feel like an obnoxious bug as he hands the key over and grunts the directions to the toilets at the side of the building. Of course the lights are out on that side, leaving me to grope for the keyhole, but I finally find it and open the door.

After I shuffle the kids into the bathroom and I’m attempting to shut the door behind me a big foot inserts itself into the opening of the door, preventing me from shutting it. The foot quickly proves to be the Counter Guy, and he shuts the door behind him, leaving all 4 of us standing in a 5 foot cubicle, and no way out.

Fortunately, I wake up at this point… AND THAT’S WHY I CARRY A WEAPON!


Concealed Carry Equipment

Concealed Carry Equipment

I just heard this morning that the number of Concealed Carry Licenses has gone up drastically this year. So where does a CCL holder actually conceal their weapon?  For a man that would probably be a holster, whether it’s in the belt, the boot, the pocket, or the body.

Women usually opt for a purse or handbag, but there are also specially designed pieces of underclothing (bras and camisoles). Fanny packs are also available, but aren’t as popular this year as they used to be.

Purses and Handbags
For the lady who isn’t into the flashy items, Gun Tote’n Mamas has a lovely selection of purses that have right or left entry concealed pockets, slash-proof, wire reinforced handles, and high quality leather. They all include a holster.  Just three of the many available at Smitty’s Rancho are pictured here.

Personally, I am very attracted to bling and pretty colors so I gravitate toward Montana West handbags. The concealed carry pocket is at the back of the bag with one direction entry, but large enough to handle most handguns. These purses are very affordable and look, feel , and smel l like leather. Many different styles are available at SmittysRancho.

Underwear, Belts and Bands
Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.07.15 PM
Under your clothing there are the shorts and tank tops with the holster built in, made by UnderTech, and many other manufacturers. There are so many sources out there that carry the cross-body, belly band, arm and leg bands for concealed carry that I’m not even going to try to list them all here. I highly recommend you search the internet for the one that will suit you best, but I always start with “images”.

Gun Holsters
My favorite and most comfortable holster is made by KNJ of a soft, yet durable brushed polyester, also available at Smitty’s Rancho. They’re available in every size for whichever hand gun you carry. They come with reversible clip, thumb break and belt loops.

A FINAL NOTE: The voice on the radio asked, “Why would we want to own a gun? We’re just trying to protect ourselves from other people who own guns. Why not just get rid of all guns, except for those people  like the military, or police, who are paid to protect us?”

My answer is that I don’t want to be dependent on someone else to protect my family or myself from whatever the threat may be, whether it’s animal or human, but most definitely armed and dangerous. Being a licensed concealed weapon carrier was a very serious decision that it took my family a long time to finally come to terms with. Get protected yourself!